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From the past the concept of nanny was commonly used in many families. Traditionally the nannies usually lived in the house where they had  to take care of the child. But with world  developing more and more it became a profession and now nannies are available everywhere. Similarly, a new profession just introduced a few years back is the daycare centers. Parents leave their toddlers at these centers while they go to work, where the children are given essential care till their parents get back.

These care centers also provide services for parents to hire nannies. The companies also on their behalf give guarantee to their customers, which make parents feel more comfortable and safe. On the other hand, the traditional nannies were independent and were not answerable to anyone and did what they wanted.

There are parents that choose the companies and the daycare centers as these organizations, have rules/regulations, are responsible and have some fixed standards. If a parent  hires a nanny independently there is no assurance that she would take care of the child and that she is well educated and can teach the child some good things. Nor, that she would have a professional and responsible behavior.

But on the other hand, the nanny hired from a daycare center or a London Nanny agency is much different. These companies offer professional and skilled nannies which are smart, professional and savvy. They have a sort of curriculum which they follow and as result they take good care of the child. Since they are sent by a company, they can’t do anything irresponsible or else they would be held accountable. Moreover, they are well educated, have good hygiene and good living standards.

A nanny appointed from an agency has to be paid a fix amount while those appointed independently have their own salary packages which sometimes exceed normal rates and become expensive.

An important consideration in deciding whether to hire nanny from an organization or independently is social security which is fully guaranteed by these agencies as many well-known baby sitting agency in London appoint only those nannies which are certified in first aid and are free from any serious disease or safety issues.

So nannies from babysitting agencies in London are better than nannies appointed independently as they provide a wide range of packages including part time or full-time help or even live-in or live-out options. These agencies offer prequalified and prescreening nannies with professional training.



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