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Although many people might think that getting the best rest implies sleeping on a soft bed, that doesn’t apply in every case. People’s expectations are different, and so are the mattresses that we can find on the market. Therefore, you must inform yourself about the main characteristics that a bed has, and find out which are the top rated mattresses recommended for back pains. Based on your research results, you can decide on a product that is suited for you and for your needs.

The difference between memory foam mattresses and firm beds

There are many people who claim that a memory foam mattress can be used by anyone, including those who have to deal with back problems. Considering the fact that this type of mattress features a cushioning system that allows them to contour to your body shape, we can assume that they can provide the support that you need in order to get a good rest. However, a memory foam bed will sag as the time will pass, which means that it won’t be able to provide the optimum support for each part of your body anymore.

Unlike memory foam beds, mattress with a firm surface will never give you the impression that you are sinking every time you go to sleep. The top rated mattresses for back pain maintain your spine and the other parts of your body perfectly aligned so that your condition won’t aggravate. Most experts recommend people who have suffered surgeries or back injuries in their past to sleep on a firm surface until they recover from their trauma. However, there are some specialists who claim that medium-firm mattresses are better than firm mattresses when it comes to relieving back pain.

The Beausommet mattress

The Beausommet is the best mattress for back pain, because it eliminates pressure points and it allows users to sleep without tossing and turning all night. Furthermore, it uses a Wholebody Recovery technology that has the role to help your body recover from that trauma that caused you pains in the first place, which is why most of the pro athletes use it. It integrates a top layer of foam which provides the optimum support for achieving a proper blood flow, and it reduces motion transfer. So, no matter how much your partner will move during his/her sleep, you won’t feel a thing.

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