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When it comes to family fun, holidays are the best periods. As a general idea, all holidays are fun but in most scenarios, parents and children have different concepts of fun which is why many holiday arguments occur. You may think that you are planning a fun vacation with your child only to later discover that he/she is bored with all the activities you planned. In order to make sure that a holiday escapade, will be fun for both you and the children, you need to consider certain aspects. In this article, we will provide you with suggestions that we hope will help you find the best place to visit with the kids. Keep in mind that all children have different interests so you need to consider the personality of your kids before planning a trip. However, the destinations that we recommend are suitable for all types of kids.

Natural escapades
The natural wonders of the USA are the best places to visit when you want to escape the noise and stress of the city. Furthermore, children love spending time in nature and if you plan your trip right, they might even abandon their smart phones in favor of outdoor activities. The USA is full of numerous natural wonders, which will dazzle the children as well as the adults. If you don’t have time for a nation wide road trip, focus on certain states which are richer in natural wonders such as Arizona. We guarantee that the children we’ll be fascinated by the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, Sedona or the Petrified Forest. If you don’t have time to visit them all, then the best place to visit with the kids is probably the Grand Canyon.

Children’s Festivals
Festivals are very entertaining for both children and adults. There are certain American festivals which are dedicated mainly to kids such as Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival, Seattle International Children’s Festival or the Calgary International Children’s Festival. These festivals feature performances, workshops and miscellaneous activities that are suited for children of all ages.

Theme parks
These types of parks have a way of awakening the joys of childhood even in adults and they are great holiday destinations for families with children. A trip to a fun theme park will make for a great holiday that children will never forget. Certain theme parks are so special that you simply must make sure that your child visits before growing up. Such is the case of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom or the Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Water parks are also a great holiday choices, especially when planning a summer vacation. If you want a holiday which revolves solely around fun and entertainment, then Florida should be your number one destination as it has numerous water parks as well as amusement parks. Visiting all of these parks can be quite expensive and if you are planning a holiday on a budget, you should only choose one.  Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is probably the best place to visit with the kids.

Children museums
If you are one of those parents who believes that a fun holiday must also be educational, then you should definitely include some children friendly museums in your itinerary. Most of the museums are designed for adults but they are extremely exciting for children. Such is the case of the  American Museum of Natural History in New York which features giant dinosaur skeletons) or the Smithsonian’s  National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. Furthermore, certain museums are designed especially for children such as the  Children’s Museum Indianapolis, which is the largest museum for kids. Some museums are so entertaining that they actually look like giant playhouses. For example, the Kohl Children’s Museum is the best place for all types of pretend play and at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, kids can experience the basic adult activities in a fun and colorful environment.

Road trip tips
Kids love the idea of a road trip but when it actually occurs they are not so pleased. This is mostly due to the fact that children are full of energy and they don’t like to stay in one place for too long. So, when they have to spend hours in a car, they can drive an adult crazy. In order to make sure that your road trip will be both fun and relaxing, you should prepare a few road trip games. Avoid the classic games such as the grocery game or the spelling bee and focus on more entertaining games such as 20 questions or team story telling. As the driver, if you want to be uninvolved in the games, you can propose Exquisite Corpses, a drawing game which can be played by the passengers. In order to play it, you take a piece of paper and you fold it 2-3 times, depending on the number of players. The first player starts at the top of the page and slightly exceeds his space into the following fold, after which he passes the paper to the next player who must draw in the second fold. There’s no winner or looser to this game but the result will be a funny and interesting abstract sketch. In order to make a road trip more enjoyable, you should also make sure that your itinerary includes some roadside attractions. Children particularly love record holders such as the world’s largest ball of twine or world’s largest rocking chair.

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