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Most houses are often confronted with various issues, plumbing problem being the most appearing and irritating. If your house is not newly constructed, then you must be aware of the problems that various old houses deal with. When everything seems right everything is good, but when a plumbing issue comes forward, a part of the house results in an unworkable condition. It is estimated that homeowners call a plumber approximately once in a year. However some plumbing issues are relatively smaller, so they are fixed by the people living in the house themselves. Keeping in mind, the amount of emergence of these issues, there are various plumbing problems home deals with, some are big some are small. Here we have some issues Plumbers & Heating Engineers commonly mention.

Leaking faucets:

Leaking, dripping or faucets that do not work right is the most common problem faced by many homeowners. The constant dripping sound can make you go insane and can be a real pain. Other than that, water leaking has an effect on your water bill. The single dripping can cause loss of hundreds of gallons of water over a year. Therefore, to enjoy peace in your life you must fix your dripping faucet.

Clogged drain:

Another common problem according to plumbers in Bishops Stortford that emerges in nearly every household is clogged or slow drain. The drain of toilets, showers and tubs, or sinks and basins can become clogged over time. The reason behind a slow drain can be the residue that builds up over a period of time. However a plunger, chemical drain openers, and clog removers are used in order to get rid of a slow or clogged drain.

Low water pressure:

Most of the old homes are faced with the problem of low water pressure in the faucets or showers. This is mainly due to the dirt stuck in the pipelines or a hidden leak in the house can also result in reducing the pressure of water. However, a new showerhead or a faucet may help to eliminate the problem, but it is vital to look for any hidden leaks in the house and to clean the pipelines.

Leaking pipes:

Pipes that leak can have a tremendous effect on your house. Leaking pipes often come into sight when the walls or ceilings of the home are encountered with wet spots. Though for fixing pipes, professional help is needed and the overall beauty of the house is affected. The pipes usually leak from the joints; nevertheless, if there is a large spot on some wall of your house, then there is a possibility that a pipe might be broken in the wall.

Running toilet:

Running toilets are extremely excruciating when you just used the toilet and left and then after some time you see the water running, and all your precious water has got down the drain. Running toilets can result in wasting 200 gallons of water each day, for which you have to bear the costs. However, the culprit behind running toilet is the flapper valve that is responsible for the passing of water from the tank to the bowl. A toilet repair kit will be useful to solve this problem. Hire the best plumbers in Bishops Stortford to get the services you need.

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