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If you consider yourself an unconventional thinker, then you will not hesitate to engage in DIY projects that consist in using ribbon of different colors, materials and sizes in order to create original and personalized elements. Moreover, if you are passionate about altering common items and transforming them into eye-catching décor or household pieces, then you should continue reading this article because we have amazing ideas that you could definitely put into practice. You probably already have certain items lying around the house that are practically screaming for some interesting alterations, not to mention that you do not even need to master complex sewing techniques or have a professional sewing machine. Your imagination and passion represent enough fuel for the process.

Add gingham ribbon to your mason jars

You can start with something very simple, namely mason jars. If your kitchen cabinets are full of jars because you did not want to throw them away but you do not know what to do with them either, we have the perfect solution for this minor problem. You just need several straps of burlap and gingham ribbon for adding a rustic vibe to your mason jars. If you do not have this type of ribbon, you can order it from various websites, such as Wrap the ribbon around each jar carefully, add water in the jar and beautiful natural flowers and you are done. This project will not take more than 10 minutes and you can place the now transformed jars at the center of your table or at the window. Your guests will definitely notice them and admire your work.

Create ribbon balls for decorative purposes

Now that you overcame the first stage, you can continue with another DIY project that requires a little more dedication. We are talking about creating ribbon balls, which represent perfect and inexpensive decorative elements that will undoubtedly stand out, especially during celebrations and special occasions like birthdays and holidays because you can use them as centerpieces. Choose an elegant and simple ribbon without extravagant patterns or colors. Nevertheless, do not hesitate when it comes to personalizing the ribbon by writing something positive on it, like a wish or a quote. Just make sure that you have long and wide straps of ribbon because you want to create a big ball. In this case, the saying “the bigger the better” suits perfectly. If you have children, they will be happy to give you a hand.  


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