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More and more people have become smitten by maple as the ideal material for home remodeling. In recent years, addicted homeowners have used massively this type of wood to redecorate their floors due to its beauty and functionality. It is worth considering both the pros and cons of using this specific material to see whether it is the appropriate choice for your purposes. You need to think first before taking out the old floor, as there is no turning back. Climate, maintenance and the area where the flat is going to be placed dictate the installation process. Many argue that the esthetic aspect of maple hardwood flooring alone prevails over all the others and explains its growing popularity. Ingredients such as delicacy and luxurious style completely justify the orientation in home remodeling.

Apart from stylish appearance, functionality is an important asset, given that maple is one the hardest trees and it is non-porous. It is even harder than oak, its main rival, It is most widely used to build bowling alleys. It is to found on all roads; consequently, you will definitely like the price tag. It is not as expensive as, say, bamboo. The color perfectly complies with any kind of setting, bringing at the same time with it luminosity and a feeling of warmth. The texture depends on how the trees have been cultivated. The tricky part is to install the tiles. Maintenance on the other hand is a piece of cake. It is necessary only to sweep and vacuum the deck now and then. If you want go further with the maintenance, follow this operation with soap and water cleaning.

However, not everyone has been convinced of the perks offered by maple finish. This hardwood does not go along with extreme temperatures. Sudden low and high climates cause it to shrink or contract. One downside of maple hardwood flooring is that scratches are most likely to affect it owing to the fact that the grain is too delicate and scratches will be obvious. Also, the light color contributes to this. Noticeable will also be the traces of your high heels or rubber shoes. If you are not taken away by the shallow color, you can always stain it darker, but the floor can get a blotchy appearance, so it is not recommended.

In conclusion, maple hardwood flooring has a soft texture and includes in the package a natural luster, all part of its smooth finish. That is the reason for which it is used so intensely in gymnasiums, dance floors and bowling alleys. On the market you can find a less expensive version in the presence of engineer flooring, suitable for do-it-yourself kind of guys. This version usually comes pre-finished. Owing to the fact that it is not cheap to buy, it can prove to be an investment for the future; if you will later on sell the house, it can attract clients.

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