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Are you planning an outdoorsy wedding? Then one of the event essentials will be the marquee. Renting the perfect tent is certainly not the easiest choice to make, especially considering the wide selecting of offers you can come across. However, when looking for a party tent hire South London, the appearance and style of the marquee are not the main considerations to have, there are other aspects much more important. The following tips will certainly help you make a decision that you will not regret, so follow them wisely:

Number of guests attending

Start by thinking how big your wedding will be. A wedding marquee should be spacious enough to have room for your entire guest list, but not bigger than you actually need (you probably do not want to spend more money than necessary). If you haven’t made a guest list yet, then start planning it. It is a must to know how many people you will have at your wedding, before talking about tent arrangements.


Price is also relevant, because you probably do not want to spend your entire wedding budget on only this element, especially if you need to keep your wedding expenses to a minimum. Think carefully about how much you can afford, and only after figuring out a realistic budget, you can start looking for offers. The price can also depend on the season, so if you want to save some money, choose a period that is less expensive for marquee hires.

Tent extras

Last but not least, think about the tent extras that you may need. A marquee that does not come with any additional features will be much harder to decorate in a stylish and functional way, so you should discuss with the hire company and find out from what other additions you can benefit. Lighting, flooring, heating or cooling might be things you require, so think about these needs with extra care, before making a decision that you might regret.

A summer wedding held outdoors is certainly a fairy-tale come true for any bride. However, for things to go as planned, and to not face possible inconveniences, it is essential to select the right marquee. The market stands at your disposal with various offers, so if you know what you are looking for, you will most certainly find an option to suit your needs. Keep the above-mentioned advice in mind when making a choice, and remember to hire only from a company you can trust.

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