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When it comes to our house’s appearance, we surely try our best for making it more welcoming, comfy and stylish. However, you don’t necessary have to spend great amounts of money for this purpose. Sometimes, small changes can make a great difference. A great advice is to always start with your windows, for this purpose some wooden blinds being a great solution. However, we have more ideas in terms of small yet effective changes that can completely transform a house. For finding out more, continue reading below.

1. Start with your windows

A window space designed improperly can make a room look smaller, crowded and poorly lighten. If you want to avoid boring curtains, you can easily install stylish, romantic blinds. Coming in a variety of colours and styles, they can beautifully complement every space. For example, for adding some extra romance to your kitchen, choose white blinds, made from durable materials, such as wood. A friendlier alternative in terms of shades would be a soft beige set, being easier to maintain and clean. For a dramatic change, you can go for wenge wood blinds. Dark colours offer more comfort in a room, being more appropriate for bedrooms. On the other hand, light colure blinds bring a more romantic and welcoming atmosphere in living areas or even kitchens. Light influences a lot our emotions and mental state. Therefore, make sure you choose blinds in a colour that satisfies your necessities. Remember, this is a practical alternative as well. Curtains and drapes must always be tied and untied, making the process uncomfortable.

2. Paint a contrast wall

For many of us, white seems to be the preferred wall colour. However, sometimes it can become impersonal and boring. If style is what you are looking for, maybe painting a wall in a contrasting colour is the best idea for you. A dark blue can drammatically change a room, and if you choose to paint the window walls, maybe it would be the best if you chose a set of dark blinds. This way, they will be perfectly incorporated in the new room design.

3. Greenery works wonders for small rooms

Rented o personal property, we all hit that “this room is too small moment”. However, a few style changes and additions could create the illusion of a larger space. For example, combine a set of white blinds with a variety of houseplants and you will have a great effect. The blinds will open the space a lot, while greenery will incorporate some of the outdoor space and feeling into your small room, making it feel larger. If you prefer this alternative, you can install some floating shelves and use them as planters.

As you can notice a few small style changes can create the illusion of a larger space, make a room look classy and stylish and provide higher levels of comfort. However, if you really consider installing blinds, make sure you work with a reputable company in this manufacturing domain.

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