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Probably the most stressful part of living in a shared house is the fact that you don’t know who your housemates will be. Whether you live in a large student hall or a smaller house with up to 4 or 5 housemates, you are bound to find all kinds of people, but if you are lucky enough, you will have these 4 types of housemates to share your student housing Leicester with you:

The master chef

Let’s face it, you were probably planning on surviving throughout your college years with baked beans cans and noodle packets. However, one day you may feel the aroma of home-cooked meals leaving a trail up to your bedroom, only to discover one of your housemates can actually cook! Well, if this should happen, you are one lucky person. Soon enough the weekly meals will become a tradition and you may even find yourself helping your friend cook meals for all of you or at least offering to pay the ingredients used by your very own master chef.

The party-animal

There comes a time in every student’s life to mingle with other people and once the first week passes and most of the parties are over, it will be up to you to make new acquaintances and find new ways of getting entertained. This is when you will notice who is a true party-goer, because as you start to cuddle up in front of the TV in your common room, this person will start to get ready to attend all these parties that you did not even hear about. This is the best person to overcome those boring evenings when you feel that you have nothing to do or to simply get the party started and make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

The scrimper

This is that housemate who always keeps track of all the expenses and tries to save as much as possible when it comes to both personal and shared expenses. Even if at first it may seem annoying to always argue about the cost of something, if you let this person take over your shared expenses, at the end of the month you might just realise that you have made some important savings. This person will discover all sorts of promotions that you did now know of, sort all coupons that are actually worth something and know the best takeaway places that have excellent rates after a certain hour. You will definitely be glad of having this roommate, because he will single-handedly lower your expenses considerably.

These are the best 3 types of housemates that you should hope to have during your college time. They will make your college years memorable and offer you the type of stories you will remember even after many years have passed since you finished college. Perhaps you are one of these 3 people and you will be a key part of a long-lasting friendship. At least now you know what to look for in case you are interested in finding a new housemate.


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