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It is natural for parents to want the best for their children and sometimes home schooling can seem like the best choice. Even though public school is a route that most parents take, those who feel that their child might benefit more if they did not attend a public school certainly have the option to take the task of teaching their children into their own hands or hiring home schooling tutors London. These are the main advantages of home schooling:


Tailored instruction

Often times in the public system, classes can be attended by as many as 30 students at once, so in it understandable that not all of them can receive the same amount of attention. While this may not be a problem for most students, one-on-one interaction can certainly help a child understand certain facts more and struggle less with various notions. How many children need extra help with their homework or with their grades, because they are left behind in school? This would never be the case in a home schooling environment.


No busywork

Studies have shown that home schooled children can learn in a few hours what a typical classroom would learn in a week. In fact, because home schooling is so divided on task learning, children don’t have additional homework after their lessons are over. Home schooling definitely has a very flexible learning schedule, unlike public school students who often have to spend 8 hours a day in school and deal with extra work at home as well. Home schooling allows parents to decide the schedule of their children and offer them more flexibility when it comes to participating in extracurricular activities.

Religious freedom

There are many families that feel that their spiritual beliefs are an important part of their lives and they feel that their can integrate them easier in their routine by choosing a home schooling system.


Closer family relationships

After one point, most parents only get to be with their children for a few minutes every day, because they just grow apart from each other. However, this type of schooling system does help foster a powerful bond between family members and this often results in a less rebellious behaviour from their children.


Rested children

Many children have to wake up at 6 am in order to catch the bus to their classes and make it on time. They often return home in the late afternoon and do their homework until the evening. This can be an exhausting life for a child and may even have an impact on their overall results. Many parents have realised that stressed children do not have the same academic results they would in a home schooling situation and admitted that changing to this system really helped their children.


These are the main benefits that a home schooling system can offer and the reason why more and more parents choose to home school their children. No matter what age your child may be, if you consider this is a suitable option, you should certainly try it.


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