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Even though some people might take stationary for granted and may not consider them that important, for a child they are valuable tools that will help them develop successfully. This is why, as a parent, you have a responsibility to offer them everything they need to make all their ideas come to life and not be stopped by anything. After the age of 4, all children will need access to various stationery products that will allow to play and, at the same time, form various skills.

Cards and envelopes

Making cards is probably one of the first things your child will learn to make at kindergarten and you should make sure he has the same tools at home as well, in case he wants to practice the art of making greeting cards some more. For this he will need blank cards, envelopes, colouring crayons and any other item that you can find in the card making section of a good stationery store. For small children, it is advised to allow them to use glue only in your presence in order to avoid potential accidents as well as keep the scissors to yourself and offer him a helping hand whenever he needs to trim something. It will be a great opportunity for you guys to do something together and you will make sure your child does not hurt himself.

Shimmering and patterned paper

Even though at first you might think that classic white paper works just as good, children feel more encouraged to make various drawings and create various crafts if they actually like the tools they can use. Naturally, children who can play with shimmering paper will have more fun and be more tempted to use them. Soon enough your fridge will be filled with all sorts of paintings made by your kid. It is a rite of passage that every parent has to go though and you should offer your child the chance to offer you these pieces of art.

Stamping and stencilling items

These crafts are a great choice for children because they do not cost very much and they allow them to have a lot of fun and create endless items. From greeting cards and invitations to personalised pillow cases and wrapping paper for the birthday party of a friend, your child will always find something to use his stamp and stencils on. The more stencils and stamps he has, the more ideas he will get and the more he will play.

Scrapbooking items

You should always encourage your child to take on scrapbooking because it enables him to create a personalised album with all sorts of images and memorabilia from a certain trip or with a certain occasion. You can even create a scrapbook together at Christmas and add various photos and decorations on it. That scrapbook will become a prised position later on and will allow you to always cherish the moments spent together, as a family.

These are just a few items that every child should have, as they will allow him to put his ideas into practice and have a lot of fun in the process.


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