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Sore Throat

March - 26 - 2013

Children or adults, we all face this sore throat frequently in winter. May be a simple feeling of embarrassment, burning, dryness in the throat, accompanied by minimal symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, dry cough), or is part of a more severe clinical picture, with high fever, chills, swollen glands in neck and difficulty of swallowing. May accompany a banal, “red throat” or the formation of ulcers or white deposits on the tonsils. Unfortunately, this condition is often misdiagnosed because of medical negligence or the correct diagnosis is delayed. Hazardous or just unpleasant? How to treat? Automatically resort to the miraculous antibiotics?

Well, antibiotic treatment should never be used indiscriminately, abusive and in any case not appeal to him without medical advice, in order to avoid addiction, overdose or incorrect treatment that can aggravate the illness. Sometimes the incorrect treatment is administered because of medical negligence, so make sure you consult a competent physician. The cause of sore throat can be viral or bacterial. Although for certainly a diagnosis cannot be obtained only by laboratory confirmation, however, your doctor may start treatment based on local examination (appearance of the throat) and associated symptoms. The most common cause is viral in nature, in which antibiotics have no therapeutic effect. There are also bacterial sore throat, for which the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. In this situation it will be strictly followed during the pain and dosage. Sometimes antibiotic treatment is indicated immediately, sometimes only if angina worsens or some complications arise. Treatment with antibiotics is particularly important for beta hemolytic streptococcus anginas products group B, especially in children whose lack of antibiotic treatment or unfair treatment can cause serious complications that occur away from a few weeks or months the onset of angina (acute rheumatic fever or glomerulonephritis).

In order to make sure your recovery is fast and complete, purchase all the necessary things for your well-being and comfort: the medicine your doctor prescribes, other home-made treatments, and a humidifier, which will help clear your sinuses and allow you to breathe easier. To find a reliable one, read the best customer humidifier reviews, but professional ones as well, so you can balance performance reviews with technical specifications.

Otherwise, sore throat should be treated symptomatically, which aims to reduce unpleasant events. The patient should rest (even if it is not necessary to stay in bed). The camera will be well ventilated, no irritants (those with a smoking addiction should quit at least for a few days. Secondhand smoking can also be dangerous) with a constant temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius. Use a room humidifier has a beneficial effect (but it has maintained and cleaned properly, according to the manufacturer). Its absence may leave the room always a bowl of water. A positive result is obtained by vacuum hot steam to DUT, several times a day or sitting with his head over a pot of hot water. Proper hydration is very important. It consumes 3.2 liters of fluid per day (depending on age, sex or other associated symptoms, like fever) in the form of water (plain water or tap), teas, soups and juices. Drink in moderation sodas and those containing caffeine or sugar. Also to combat pain can put around your neck warm compresses (soak a cloth in warm water, squeeze well and placed around the neck. Above you can put a layer of impermeable material, then a dry heat to maintain local).

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