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Sore Throat Symptoms

November - 20 - 2012

Burning of irritated tonsils can disturb sleep, it can reduce yield and can make you feel miserable on the whole. That is one of the sore throat symptoms.

Sore throat can be one of the first symptoms of colds, flu or other viral or bacterial infection type. Of neck pain can be directed toward the ear and inflamed small blood vessels may break sometimes when you cough, phlegm making the blood to appear alarming. Getting a sore throat while running is one such inconvenience.

Sometimes a sore throat may be only a minor irritation caused by low humidity in rooms with central heating in winter and excess cheers at a football game.

Whatever the cause, here are some ways to make it more bearable and recover as quickly the health.

  • Suck drops

If sore throat is caused by a viral infection, antibiotics do not help. Most drops are soothing and pharmacists recommend medicinal drops containing a local anesthetic such as benzocaine. They numb nerve endings and not swallowing is so painful, that is one of the intense sore throat symptoms. Follow directions on the label.

  • Use sprays to take the pain

Throat sprays containing phenol are also intended for local squid. But as pharmaco-log Thomas Gossel shows, duration of effect on irritated tissue is relatively short. Drops have a longer effect. Strep throat can be one of the most common mens health problems, because they aren’t as careful with dressing for the weather as women are.

  • Try zinc

Drops containing zinc may relieve a sore throat associated with colds, reveals Health Sciences researcher Donald Davis. His studies have shown that zinc reduces both severity and duration of disease, although other studies failed to confirm this result. Use according to directions on the label, drops containing zinc, until the sore throat symptoms have disappeared.

Note: Do not take more candy than the recommended dose. A higher dose of 40 mg of zinc per day can affect your ability to absorb copper.

  • Cleaning and soothing gargle

If you have pain when swallowing, painful area is likely to be high enough that gargle throat to take effect, shows aorist Hueston King. Therefore, you often gargle with one of the solutions below:

Salt water. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of table salt in 500 ml warm water, recommends Dr. Gossel. This ratio is sufficient to reproduce the body’s natural saline content, so you will find it very soothing. Use it once about to 1 hour.

Echinacea tea. According to herbal Douglas Schar, even severe cases of tonsillitis can be cured with echinacea root tea. Buy it as a tincture from a shop and put 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of tincture in 1 cup warm water. Take 3 times daily gargle with this tea, then swallow. It will definitely improve the sore throat symptoms.

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