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Sleep Aids – Myths and Facts

January - 4 - 2014

Most people find themselves suffering from some form of insomnia at some point in their lives. Whether it is mild insomnia, temporal sleeplessness or chronic insomnia, sleep disorders are very common in today’s society. When dealing with sleeping disorders, a lot of people turn to prescribed or over the counter sleep aids. However, there are a lot of debates regarding the efficiency of sleep aids as well as the risks that they come with. Let’s dig deeper into this problem and see which are the myths and which are the facts regarding sleep aids.

Sleep aids and sedatives are the same thing

When it comes to sleep aids, this is one of the biggest misconceptions. Sedatives are the strongest sleep aids available and what they do is practically knock you out. However, there are other sleep aids on the market whose immediate effect is less obvious, yet if taken regularly can successfully regulate the circadian sleep cycle. Such is the case of the Alteril sleep aid, which works in a similar way as sedatives yet it is all natural and has a long lasting result.

Sleep aids have numerous side effects

While not all sleep aids come with side effects, most of them do. As such, it is always advised to take sleeping aids only under your doctor’s recommendation. Sedatives are particularly dangerous, especially for people who suffer from breathing problems during the night. For example, people whose insomnia is caused by sleep apnea could face fatal consequences if they were to treat their insomnia with sedatives. However, the same does not go for all-natural sleeping aids which are completely safe. Moreover, natural insomnia remedies such as Alteril will not make you wake up with the drowsiness feeling typical for sedatives.

Sleep aids are addictive

Again, we are dealing with a misconception. It all depends on the product in question. Certain sleep aids are addictive while others aren’t. Furthermore, the concept of addiction can include other elements as well, not just the physical need for certain chemicals. For example, an addiction can be psychological. Moreover, if the insomnia is caused by an exterior cause which is not dealt with, sleeping aids will only work for the duration of the treatment, after which insomnia will reinstall itself as a result of the initial factor which caused it and which is still present.

Sleeping aids can cure all types of insomnia

It is believed that insomnia can be caused by over 80 different factors and, as such, there can be over 80 different treatments for it. Natural sleeping aids can cure mild forms of insomnia. On the other hand, sedatives are usually prescribed for more severe forms of insomnia. However, they are not prescribed as a treatment, but as a way of alleviating stress and tiredness while the true cause of insomnia is being dealt with. The best course of action when dealing with insomnia is to discover what is causing it and to eliminate that cause.

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