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Salon hair stylists vs home services

September - 28 - 2015

The beauty salon industry is a growing industry with hairdressers and salons not only growing in numbers but also expanding their offers, improving their services and consequently charging more and more for them. To that extent, lately, a new trend has broken into the lives of women and girls everywhere, which is having their hair done at home as opposed to going to a salon. We all have that friend who has a friend who knows someone that can totally dye your hair for half the cost of a salon hairdresser. But, just like with every other great deal, there’s a cost. Here are some simple reasons for which you should always choose salon hair stylists in Ottawa over any service offered at your home.

Salon hairdressers use the best products

Whether you are looking to have your hair coloured, in which case the quality of the hair dye and other substances is crucial, or simply have a twist done for a party the products that go into your hair matter. Whatever else is said, it’s simply not accurate. Low quality products will affect your hair strand, your roots and, what’s worse, your scalp, so if you continue having these services done at home, by untrained stylists, you risk more than just an allergic reaction.


Salon hair stylists in Ottawa use products that are only available on the professional market, usually coming directly from the manufacturer or from national suppliers and distributors that don’t work with retail shops. These types of professional products are called professional for a reason and they cost as much as they do for a reason too.


Salon hairdressers know what they’re doing

You’ll never hear salon hair stylists in Ottawa go “Ops” when you’re on the chair and even if God forbid something goes wrong, it’s still there responsibility to fix it – and they will otherwise you have a legal case against them. If someone comes to your house and your hair falls down, there’s nothing you can do about it. Do you really want to risk a catastrophe just because it’s cheaper?


Salon hairdressers can help

Hair stylists are trained professionals, which means they know type of hairs, trends, colours, skin tones and face shapes and so on. To that effect, they can even save you from yourself, in case you have the horrendous idea of having a fringe done when your face is square or something. They can advise against certain haircuts or colours that won’t match your skin and suggest better solutions for your hair’s aesthetic and health.

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