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A human body, depending on a person’s age can contain up to 75% water. As such, the quality of the water that we come in contact with is very important. Now, we are not talking solely about the water that we drink. That is just one part of the problem. The water that we drink mainly hydrates and activates the internal organs. However, our skin, our hair and our nails also need to be hydrated and they take that hydration from the liquids that we drink but also from the water that we come in contact with when we bathe ourselves. By now, everybody should know that tap water is not safe to drink. However, how many of you are aware of the fact that the water which we use for washing ourselves can also affect our well being. Since children are more sensitive than adults, from all points of view, they need an extra protection against water contaminants. You might be wondering what more can you do for your child, other than provide him with the best bottled water. Well, the answer is simpler than you think, and it completely excludes bottled water.

Whole house water filtration systems

A whole house water filter is a device which is mounted at the point where the municipal water pipe connects with a home’s main water pipe or at the point where your home’s water pipe is divided in order to direct the water towards several sources such as your kitchen and your bathrooms. Since such a system is larger than your average appliance, most people usually mount it somewhere in the basement. Whole house water filtration systems are a considerable investment. However, given the fact that they come with extensive warranties and they eliminate the need of buying bottled water, not only are they worth the money, but they will also help you recuperate your initial investment gradually. Nevertheless, be wary of the fact that these systems come from different brands and feature different features and warranties. Before investing any money in such a system, you should read numerous reviews in order to find the product best whole house water filter system for your needs.

Benefits of whole house water filters

As you will see from all whole house water filter reviews, these systems are designed to be able to handle a wider variety of water contaminants, compared to your average countertop of under sink filter. The best whole house water filter system can filter up to 60 water contaminants. By using this system, you will ensure that your child is not only enjoying the benefits of pure water, but they are also breathing a cleaner air. In case you have not heard of this by now, you should know that contaminated tap water releases toxic vapors when its temperature rises. These vapors can cause numerous respiratory problems. Furthermore, by bathing your child solely with filtered water, you will no longer have to worry about skin rashes or irritations. Filtered water also has an optimal pH which ensures a better hydration of the skin.


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