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Rules of Dating a Single Mom

December - 9 - 2011

Having a connection with a single mother usually provides challenges and maturity for every man. But how far the relationship is going to last if there is just a time filled with heated discussion? Because, as we all know, dealing with a person who has children who are not yours might be more than difficult to handle.

For years there was said that a single mother is not going to have another husband but her children’s father. Fortunately of unfortunately for them, single mothers are nowadays free to reconstruct their lives as any man. Even if they have a child, it is not a wall anymore between a single mom and a man. Also, if you make up your mind and think at the advantages of getting to know this type of women you will find out that there are a lot more than disadvantages. First of all, you would be able to have a family on which to rely when dealing with problems – this on one hand. On the other hand, you will become a good parent and you might make a connection with that single mom.

First thing you should do when dating a single mom is to treat her like a person. No one likes to be bitten on the tows, and so does she, especially after the time spent with her children. A mom is always an exhausted person, and she needs relaxation. So, as her partner, you should always be in the known of her problems and help her passed over them. Single women don’t have a lot of time for themselves so if you want to do something nice for her, get her an appointment at a nail salon and offer to babysit while she goes there. This way she will spoil herself with some simple nail art designs and she will see you more like a family man because of your desire to spend time with her child. Do not pressure her in any moments! She has already a lot on her mind and another pressure or observation made by you would be no more than a goodbye. Also, when you see her way to exhausted, do not blame her children. They are very precious to her, and if you blame them for her state you will lose her.

Try to make a connection between her children too. In this case, you will be able to receive more invitations to her home for spending time with her and her children, and also, you will learn how to cope with a family. As it comes naturally, do not force yourself because you would look like being a liar. Kids are the most important part of a mother’s life, and if you manage to make a friendship with them, you will be able to conquer the mom’s heart.

The great thing about single women is that they are not shallow. They value family above anything else. These women don’t waste their time with fashion magazines or beauty spas because their children are their first priority. A single mom will always prefer to go to the park with her child instead of wasting time shopping or doing simple nail art designs. If you choose to date such a woman, you will have the advantage of being with a mature woman who knows what she wants in life.

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