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Are you planning to have a large wedding party? Well, in this case you should consider organising this even in a tent, because it would allow you to stay within your budget and have the control on how to decorate it. When choosing this option you would not have to worry about decorative items that are already installed, and which might ruin the image you have in mind, because you are the one who decides even the smallest detail. When you go with marquee hire South London you have the possibility to work with a blank canvas, which can be a curse or a blessing, it is all up to you. Here are some tips that would help you plan your marquee wedding like a pro, because you have to be sure that you are in control of every aspects.

Create a grand entrance

When it comes to decorating the marquee for your wedding, you should do it, as you would design your house. Consider every aspect, starting from the entrance, because it is important to impress your guests from the moment they arrive at the wedding venue. So you have the option to install some large floral displays and add a little drama to the entrance, or you can offer it double function, and create there a card collection point. Also, if you want to take the design to the next level, you should place a wooden doorway, which would have also a practical advantage in case of bad weather.

Decorate the ceiling

If you want to continue decorating the marquee with dramatic elements, then you should focus on the ceiling, because you have the possibility to transform it into a wow-factor. You should choose some elements, which could help you, break up the whiteness of the marquee, and you can do it by hanging some handmade hessian bunting. In addition, if you like flowers, you can hang foliage and flowers from the ceiling, and obtain a fairy tale look.

Do not forget the furniture

For creating the right mood for a wedding, you have to focus your attention on furniture, because you would have to choose between rustic chic items and modern ones. You should avoid chair covers, because the minimalist look is a great trend right now, but you can tie some little accessories on the chairs to make them integrate in the design. You can go with all white accessories, or you can add a pop of colour with some hues.

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