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Actually managing to show up to each one of your lectures isn’t the only effort you will need to put in. Because remembering everything that is being communicated during class is highly improbable, taking notes should be one of your priorities. As someone who probably wishes to ace their exams, having the right learning resources will come in handy, and in order to make the most of your lecture time, the way you take notes is also relevant. To make things more convenient and advantageous for you, there are some tips you should consider following. Here are a few useful note-taking suggestions:

Discover what works for you

While for some students it’s far easier to write things down on a piece of paper, the old-fashioned way, others prefer taking notes on their tablet or laptop. There isn’t one single option that works best here, it all comes down to your preferences personally. Try different methods and see which option suits you more. If you notice you can type faster on your laptop rather than using a piece of paper and a pen, choose this alternative. Because you need to move quite fast, if you want to get all the important information, this particular aspect can matter significantly.

Stick to what’s essential

Typing or writing every single word will be impossible. Not only will you feel stress, but this method will also prevent you from actually focusing and paying attention on what is being said. You need to learn how to subtract only the phrases that are actually important. If you are listening properly, you will manage figuring out what you should be taking note off and what you can skip. Sticking to what’s actually essential will make note taking easy. And you can always check online lectures from dorey, nicole renee or from your colleagues who might share their own notes on various sites.

Use abbreviations

This tip is quite the obvious one – you won’t have time to write down or type the entire word each time, so you should use abbreviations as often as you can. However, if you want to understand the information that has been shared during the lecture when you revise your notes later in the future, you shouldn’t go overboard in this department. Know the difference between the things you will be able to understand and the abbreviations that might not make much sense to you – work on your own personal shortened code.

These are the things you should keep in mind if you want to improve the way you are taking notes during your lecture. Considering the fact that the information you write down during classes can provide you with the learning support you need for your exams the way you handle things in this department can be essential. With a bit more attention and by following these suggestions, you will be able to make things work better for you. Therefore, try to remember these recommendations for your next lecture – the difference will be noticeable.

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