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Your cat or dog has the necessary vaccinations, but you still have to go to the vet’s office for a physical checkup. Just from one look, the vet can tell if your furry friend is in tip-top shape. The last thing you want is to be a nightmare client. At the vet’s office, you have to watch your manners. Sure, you’re more concerned about the health of your best friends, but that’s not an excuse to conduct yourself inappropriately. Keep on reading to find out how you can practice good vet’s office etiquette.

Keep your dog on a leash or get your cat in a pet carrier

The use of a leash will protect you and your dog. It offers you a sense of control over your furry friend. If your dog has the tendency to jump on people, you can immediately correct this behavior if it’s on a leash. What is more, it’ll come in handy if the pooch has aggressive tendencies. When you go to veterinær nittedal make sure that your dog is on a short leash at all times. As far as cats are concerned, they should always be in a carrier. Your feline friend may be a sociable creature, but there’s no way of knowing how the cat will behave when she is out of her natural environment. It’s better to be safe than sound.

Treat the staff with the respect they deserve

Cats and dogs – in other words, the patients – need to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. What about the medical staff? Well, they should be treated with the respect that they deserve. The vet and their assistants are doing their best to provide your pet optimal care. Actually, they go out of their way to accommodate your best friend. Whenever emergencies pop up, they leave patients to tend to the needs of those in danger. The point is that you should not lash out on the people at the dyrlege nittedal. Respect creates a pleasant environment in which individuals perform better and have better interactions with pet owners.

Be on time

So, you’ve managed to schedule an appointment at a clinic specializing in rehabilitering hund. The vet’s time is important, so make sure that you’re not late. Just like it’s not okay to show up unannounced, it’s not okay to be late. If you’re in traffic and you know that you won’t make it on time, call or text. That’s the nice thing to do. You could also offer to reschedule.

Don’t touch other people’s pets

If you’re an animal lover, it’ll be hard to resist the temptation of touching other people’s pets. Hard as it may be, you have to make an effort. Why? Because the animals are terrified, not to mention that they’re suffering. You could do a great deal of harm without realizing. Many dogs and cats behave differently when they’re sick, so you can have unpleasant surprises. Unless the owner gives you permission to touch the animal, don’t do it. Not only will you bother the poor little creature, but also you risk contracting a virus or fungus which can put your furry friend’s health at risk.       

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