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Some elderly are not able to climb and descent the stairs anymore. Fortunately, there’s a solution. If your elderly parents find the climbing of stairs difficult due to aging or a mobility impairment, a stair lift is often the best solution. With the latest technology and an efficient design the stair lifts are suitable for all stairways, for straight or curved and blend harmoniously with the habitat of the owner. By analyzing the 2015 stair lift reviews, we gathered some essential data that will help you find a good stair lift for your aging parents.

Types of stair lifts

When it comes to choosing a good stair lift for your elderly parents, you have to take into consideration certain aspects, such as the size, shape and the measurements of the stairwell. Then, after you’ve taken all measurements, choose between the two types of stair lifts available on the market: curved stair lift (suitable for round corners) or straight stair lifts (for regular straight stairs).
The chair stair lift allows disabled people to use the staircases of their home effortlessly and safely through a power seat system. The chair stair lift fits almost all sizes of staircases, even narrower ones. It is possible to install a stair lift in your home even if there is a door at the top of your staircase: in this case, experts advise you to opt for a manual swivel seat.
This system, however, is poorly adapted to the needs of a handicapped person who uses a wheelchair.
Instead opt for a platform stair lift. This way, you won’t have to move your elderly parents out of their wheelchair and onto the chair stair lift every time they need to climb the staircases.

Stair lift features and costs

Stair lift seat features
When reading the latest 2015 stair lift reviews pay attention to the features of the stair lift seat as they are also important. The stair lift comes in a variety of forms and models. Therefore, before purchasing one, it’s advisable to consult with your parents and find one that will suit their needs and bring them a high degree of comfort.
Costs and installation
When it comes to the cost of the stair lift, the price range depends on many factors: the operational system, the configuration of your home, the options available, etc. Also, remember that a stair lift allows you to save on other costs: you must not rearrange your house or move into a new apartment or a house at ground floor. If you purchase a stair lift your parents will continue living a comfortable and peaceful life in their own house.
Call a professional to install your stair lift. The expert will examine the configuration of your home and will offer you personal advice to choose the most suitable equipment in terms of needs, technical constraints and safety standards. In addition, the expert will provide a maintenance contract.

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