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When the time comes for your son to get married, then you surely know you will have to confront with a heavy situation. As marriage comes, so does your daughter-in-law, and as we all know, usually things become a little spicy between the two females now in the family. As a mother, it is naturally to think about your child. You know that nowhere and no one will help him grow better than you, but you also know that he must create a family with a girl he loves. In this case, you need to build a strong relationship with his wife, who might play him as she likes.

First step you need to do as being a mother-in-law is to meet your new relative face-to-face. If you do not like her, do not try to tell your son or to the other family. Try to deep inside her and find out why she is like that. Women act in a specific way actually because most of them have been deceived by the others, and they need help to go through this. You, as a woman too, will have the task to help her whenever she is in need, but not to change her. Respect her as a person, like your mother-in-low has respected you when you were younger. No one can cope with stress, and as a human-being, nor does she.

Another tip with an imperative signification is to keep your mouth shut. Do not even think to speak to the other relatives about her, saying bad things. Gossip is hurtful and you may start a fight with your son because of it. As the relatives do no have such a strong and direct relationship with the happy couple, then you will remain on the outside with your gossips and nothing more. If you do not develop a relationship with your daughter-in-law from the very beginning, then that space will be left behind, forcing her not to tell you a lot of things about their marriage as she should do. Trying to see you as a mother will help you to find out what is in her soul and also, will help you to understand her and her behavior. Though, if you will not take into account this facts, you will probably build a defensive relationship after which the one who would win the match will not be yourself.

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