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It is known that children are the most important in our lives and that parents sacrifice all their time to spend it with them; but, when talking about the job and the spare time, here comes a little problem. So, to solve this problem, parents firstly think of finding a good and caring babysitter, so their child can spend the entire day with her, doing certain activities like learning new things, playing and so on. Obviously, to find a good babysitter you must go to a nanny agency; parents must pay attention to some details before hiring the nanny.

Is a nanny really necessary?

Firstly, they should if they really need one or if another option would be better. Most people work between 9am to 5pm, so in this case, the need of a babysitter is not that big, because the child can stay at the kindergarten. It is easier for parents to do this because the schedule is not that non accessible and they know that their child has a place to stay, learn and sleep and it is certainly a way of saving money. Another option is to let the child with the family, some relatives or siblings, if he is too small to go to a kindergarten. Also, this option is a cheaper one. In conclusion, if you take account of all these situations, you can renounce at the idea of hiring a nanny. So, think twice before acting.

If you take the final decision to hire a nanny from agencies such as Rock My Baby London Nanny Agency, thinking that your siblings will not help you with this or they will not have time to stay with your child, you must know the many features to take account before hiring the right person. There are three great qualities that a babysitter should have and that you should know about:

A nanny needs a lot of patience

The first one and the most important of all is patience, we all know that a child requires a lot of patience, the babysitter must have the patience to play with him, to listen him, to take care of him, not only in the difficult situations. Also, she must have the patience to listen his questions and to answer them, because we know that children are very inventive and curious. As their parents have an answer for everything, so their nannies too. She must know how to control unplanned situations, how to explain him the things that he can do and the ones that he cannot do.

A nanny should be a guardian and a friend

The second feature is kindness, also the affection and friendship. The child must feel her love, her appreciation and the babysitter should be close to him, pay attention to his needs and desires. And for all these, a friendly person is the most adequate. A person to take care of him like she was his own mother, or father. The child must feel that he is the only one for her and he will need all her attention focused on him.

The importance of reliability

And finally the third thing to pay attention is the trust. Do you really trust her to stay with your child all day long? You must rely on the babysitter; except the fact that you will leave your child with her, you will also leave the whole house. So, in this case, you must be very careful when and where you find her.

Mistakes to avoid

To avoid bad situations, pay attention to the ads in the newspapers. They will never be better and trustworthy than the professional agencies. Just look at the cases when parents hire from local newspapers and they get in trouble with people that search totally different things than taking care and staying with your child all day long. Agencies are the safest because they will only provide you experienced people, willing to work and do the best for your child.

As said before, if parents take account of all these tips, they will not fail when choosing the right babysitter for their children. Also, if the child is already old enough to understand the situation, they can ask him an opinion and search together. So, this way things will be easier both for parents and for the child.


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