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For a dog, the sky is not as friendly as it is for you. Between squeezing them in a tiny crate, to navigating a crowded airport and flying, the entire experience can be quite overwhelming for your dog, even if he is a seasoned traveller. You can fly with your dog, but the process requires some preparations from your side, you have to make sure that your furry friend will get safe to your destination. Here is a guide that will offer you some of the most important tips on how to prepare your dog for air travelling.

Check what options you have

Different airline companies have different policies, and while some do not allow you to take your dog with you on a trip, some airlines offer luxurious services for pets. Keep in mind that even the airlines that allow pets on board, can have breed restrictions, and you will have to consult their list, to see if your dog is part of the breeds. The reason why they do not allow certain dogs on board is that they can experience health problems because of the crowded space in the cargo area. A kennel visit will offer you some extra details on this aspect.

Plan the trip in advance

It does not matter if your dog will travel in the cargo space or in the cabin, you will have to prepare for the trip in advance. If you do not know what to do. you can ask your veterinary from the hundepensjonat, they can offer you guidance. You should start by training the dog; help them get accustomed to the crate. Some dogs have anxiety to stay in the kennel alone, and you have to make sure they get over this anxiety. Also, you should help him get used with loud noises and crowds, the dog must be properly socialised in order to handle well the experience.

What should you do on the day of the flight?

When the dog is in the crate, he is not able to go potty; therefore, you will have to monitor their water and food intake. A kennel Oslo can offer advice on how you can balance the concern to keep the dog hydrated but without them feeling uncomfortable. Double check the crate to make sure that it is nothing there they can eat, or they could choke with.

Take the dog for a run before heading to the airport, you need to wipe out his energy, and if this means you will stay up the night before, then you will have to do it. Take him on the longest walk he had in his life, he will be tired and he will empty his bladder, therefore he will have a comfortable ride.

Before placing the dog in the crate take him to a potty break, he needs to relieve himself. You should reach to the airport ahead of the time to check if it is a grassy area where dogs are allowed.

As stated before, this experience is stressful for dogs, put their favourite toy in the crate or a T-shirt with a familiar smell. In case you are flying during winter, you should dress them in a jacket, him not to get cold.


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