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When you design a nursery, you have to pay attention to every little detail, because everything could influence the health of your little bundle of joy. You might not believe, but one of the aspects you should think ahead is the floor, because you cannot place any type of floor in this room. Because it is a special place, you have to purchase only quality things, so you should take your time and look for vendita parquet bologna. When you decide to buy something you have to be confident in your choice, so follow these simple steps to be sure that you assure your child a healthy environment.

What to consider when buying flooring

You should look for a flooring material that is easy to clean, because kids use to make a lot of mess, and you will have to clean it and maintain it on a regular basis. Specialists recommend laminate flooring, because it is quite resistant to wear. Because it is very strong, you will not have to change it after a few years of playing on it. In addition, you should take into consideration choosing a type that does not absorb chemicals and allergens, because your child might be quite sensitive. Make sure to purchase a flooring that will not cause him any sleep issue. Babies have a light sleep, and you will have to walk in and out of his room, while he is sleeping. Make sure to choose a quiet flooring, to assure him a great sleep.

Make it safe

After choosing a type of flooring, you have to make it sure for your little one, because he will not stay in his crib for a long time. He will start crawling around very soon, so you have to be sure that there is nothing that can harm him.  You can make it more appealing by placing a carpet, but take into consideration not to buy a rough one, because is not a practical choice for nurseries. You should select for one that is made from a soft material, and which is easily to clean. You have the option to place it wall-to wall, and in this way, you will protect him from falling on a hard surface. In addition, you can choose to put in only in one area of the room, where you consider that your little one will spend more time. However, be aware because carpets use to trap allergens, so you should vacuum it on a regular basis. Your little one spends a lot time on the floor in his first months of crawling and walking, so you should install floor heating. This will make him feel more comfortable when playing around, and you can avoid any health issues caused by staying on a cold area. Do not forget to use special flooring products that create a protective and sealed surface, because this aspect is essential. You have plenty of options when it comes to flooring, but you have to pay attention to many details in order to make a wise choice.

What about carpets

Carpets are a good choice for the nursery, especially when the baby starts crawling, as you don’t want them to crawl directly on the cold floor. However, consider a slim carpet, which is safer and easier to clean than fuzzy carpets. However, keep in mind that the nursery carpet needs to be cleaned very often, since dust and allergens tend to get stuck in it. For that purpose, we recommend a robot cleaner which will get the job done while you are playing with the baby or doing other house chores.

Keep in mind that not any robot cleaner will work on a carpet. Most of them are designed only for smooth surfaces, but there are also a few robot vacuum cleaners which are very effective, even on carpets, provided that we are talking about a textured or a berber carpet, and not a frieze or a plush carpet, which are a lot fluffier and more difficult to clean.

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