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The indoor environment is sometimes more dangerous that the outdoor environment because there are many contaminants that we can not see inside our homes, but they exist and can affect our health more than the gas emissions from the cars or the smoke from a factory, because the exposure time indoors is higher. From invisible dust mites to chlorine vapors to mold spores, there are many home contaminants you should be concerned about and you should be looking for ways of making your home a safe environment.

Air contaminants

The most common way of contracting bacteria and viruses is by breathing dirty air, and sometimes the indoor air is filthier than the outdoor air and although the main contaminants are invisible to the eye, they can affect the lungs, the throat, and the entire respiratory system once they reach our bodies. Dust, perfumes, cleaning products, paints, glues, sealants, tobacco, animal hair, smoke coming from fireplaces, insecticides and many other substances used inside our homes are considered to be irritants and can cause allergies, asthma and difficulties in breathing. Luckily, there are ways to eliminate them by thoroughly cleaning our homes and opening the windows every morning to let fresh and clean air inside. Furthermore, the best air purifiers 2015 units will attract small particle in the air, even the dust mites that are hard to eliminate in other ways, and will release clean air instead. The best air purifiers 2015 units are vital in nurseries to protect the sensitive airways of children and in any other room with an increased risk of dirty air, like the living rooms with fireplaces. Nevertheless, stay away from ozone generating air purifiers which can be dangerous not only for children and people with sensitive lungs, but for all people.


Many homes have problems with condense, mold spores and dampness because of an increased level of humidity in the air, which automatically leads to mold that can affect the breathing system and cause severe complications in case of extended exposure to mold spores. An air dehumidifier will help you get rid of the mold problem by adjusting the level of moisture in the air to a healthy value, so that you and your family won’t have to worry about mold anymore.

Water pollutants

The tap water is another concern matter regarding the home contaminants that could affect your family’s health. There are hundreds of pollutants, residues, and deposits in the tap water coming through the pipes in your homes and your health can be seriously affected by the heavy metals, the rust, the bacteria and the chlorine present in the water you use not only for drinking, but for bathing or cooking. A water filter will reduce the risks of getting a waterborne disease by eliminating many of the contaminants existing in the water and providing your family with pure and safe to drink water.

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