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Basic Advice for New Moms

October - 26 - 2014

Becoming a parent is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences, but that’s because it comes with a bit of horror and uncertainty as well. Nobody can prepare you well enough for being a parent, and you have to live the experiences on your own in order to gain some control and develop your own way of doing things. However, you are not left entirely on your own; besides the help and support of your family, you can also learn a lot from women around you who are already mothers, and whom have already went through common processes like changing a diaper, knowing when the baby is hungry, and gaining the confidence of handling that tiny body with both firmness and delicacy.

All You need to Know

Mothers nowadays should have nothing to fear when it comes to caring for their babies in that first fragile year, even if it’s the first child and they have no previous experience. Our society is so evolved that even if you didn’t have family and friends to advise you, you would still find all the information you need from your doctor, from specialty books and magazines, and the internet, of course. Websites like gather communities of doting mothers that want to share their experiences and learn from other as well. This can be particularly helpful when you’re facing a rare problem and nobody around you knows how to deal with it; online communities are very helpful and prompt, and you’ll surely find someone to offer a solution or at least guide you in the right direction.

Furthermore, any mother should trust her own instincts as well; our genetic inheritance has prepared us for some of the more basic stuff, and you will be surprised at how quickly you learn to do certain things, how easy it is to adapt and learn to intuit what your baby needs. However, one of the first things new moms need to understand and accept is that they should never compare themselves to other mothers. Each family has a different situation, with different material resources and education, so how you bring up your own children is your own business.

That doesn’t mean you should never learn from other mothers, but you should not feel under-qualified either. You should also avoid judging other mothers and accept that our differences only make us more interesting. A second basic advice all new moms should heed to is that instinct should be combined with external advice; sure, you’ll be reading a lot of baby books and receive lots of advice from anyone, but you are the one to take final responsibility, so adapt your own knowledge and instinct to situations as they arise.

Finally, your material situation is much more important from now on; try not to overspend on baby clothes and toys in the first year, because it takes a baby mere weeks to outgrow them. One of the best money saving tips for families is to accept clothes and toys from mothers with older children, because they will save you a lot of trouble, and you’ll be able to use the money you saved on more important things for the child later on. We know that every mother likes to buy new things for their child, yet it is important to establish your priorities. Your baby will never remember the clothes he wears as a baby. However, if you put into action some money saving tips for families and put aside some money for your child’s education or establish a trust fond for him, that is something that you child will need and will definitely remember.

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