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Raising a child is not only about pampering them and keeping them away from difficulties, but it is also about teaching them responsibilities and fending for themselves. Drawing tasks around the house for your children helps them develop their common sense, become hardworking adults and will also provide help for you. Depending on the age of your kids, there are many household chores you can assign them and you will see how beneficial these will turn out to be. Bellow, you have a list of age appropriate chores for children that can help you integrate your kids in the household activities.

Chores for children at the age of 2

  • Small children at the age of two or three can perform simple house chores that don’t require intense physical effort, like the following examples.
  • Ask them to always collect their toys after playing and this way they will grow up knowing that it is not polite to have people cleaning up after them.
  • You can ask your little kid to fill the dog’s bowl or to feed the fish in the fish tank so that they will learn that pets are a great responsibility.

Chores for children at the age of 4

  • Ask your children to help you set the table or to remove the dirty plates after dinner.
  • Tell your children that they have to take the dirty laundry to the bathroom and ask them to fold the clean laundry under your supervision.
  • Small children can make their beds in the morning, or at least they can perform a cute attempt of making their bed.

Chores for children at the age of 6

  • A 6 years old child can vacuum the rooms and wet mop the floors without the risk of getting hurt.
  • Teach your child how to fold their clothes and put it in their closets
  • Your child can empty the indoor trash cans
  • Ask your child to help you carry the light groceries back from the car

Chores for children at the age of 8 to 10

  • Ask your children to wash the dishes by hand or to place them in the dishwasher
  • At this point, your children can even prepare some easy meals
  • Your child can take the garbage outdoors and they even can go to the local market
  • You can ask your child to change the bed sheets
  • Ask your child to clean the bathroom
  • Your kid can wash the family car with supervision

Chores for children at the age of 12 to 14

  • Teach the kid how to mow the lawn with an easy and safe to use lawn mower. Do some research online for the best lawn mowers 2015 models and choose a lightweight, easy to use lawn mower that both you and your child can handle. The best lawn mowers 2015 units also come with some interesting safety features.
  • Your children can help you with the biannual house cleaning
  • If you have small kids, the older ones can babysit them or help them with their homework. In fact, you should teach the older children from an early age that caring for their younger siblings is one of their main responsibilities.
  • Your kids can help you around the garden. Not only can they mow the lawn, but children can also water the garden, clean up the fallen leaves in the summer time or shovel the snow in the driveway in the wintertime.

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