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So, your baby is finally here. There are not enough words to describe how you feel. You have received the biggest reward of all. As excited as you are about being a new mommy, you have to admit it: you do not have a clue about what to do next. The books on parenting that you have been reading do not highlight this point. Well, here are some things that you can put on your list. These are the three most important things that all moms should do immediately after the birth of their children.

1.      Tell your birth story

When reading birth stories, it is impossible not to sympathise. You perfectly understand the emotions that the future-to-be mother is going through. You can put yourself in any woman’s shoes, for that matter. Now, you have your own story to tell. Why not share it with the rest of the world? Giving birth is a very important subject for parents. Tap into your wealth of knowledge and experience. All stories matter. The point of telling your birth story is not to bring your audience to tears but to be helpful and not forget the magic moments relating to the birth of your pride and joy. No matter how your little one arrived in the world, people will be thrilled to find out.

2.      Start doing Kegel exercises

It is a good idea to exercise following childbirth. This will help your body to heal. After your postnatal check, take up exercise. Kegel exercises, for instance, will help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and get back in shape. Thanks to the pelvic floor exercises, your muscles will be completely healed and you will not experience health issues in the long run. For fantastic information on how to stay healthy as a new mommy, read the Zoe Waite blog. Healthy living is a topic that deserves all your attention. Getting back on topic, work out more often. It will benefit your physical and mental status. In addition to Kegel exercises, you can stroll and walk with your new-born half an hour a day.

3.      Cuddle your baby 

Science is constantly insisting on the benefits of cuddling babies. In the first three months after giving birth, it is particularly important to cuddle your child. Rock or hold the infant against you, skin on skin. This little act will replicate the womb environment. Your baby will feel warm and safe. By responding to your little one’s basic needs, you will not spoil them. Far from it. You cannot hold a baby too much. As far as the physical contact is concerned, it calms infants when they are upset. Practically, it goes a long way in reducing stress. Cuddling your little angel will not change their DNA, but it will do a world of good. Never leave your baby to cry. You work best as a parent when you work in favour of your child.

The tips mentioned earlier will come in handy after you have your baby. Each situation is different, indeed, yet these effective solutions work in any case.

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