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Parents have yet to understand that crafts are important for their kids. They are under the impression that school and learning should have priority. There is no denying that education is the key to success in life. However, it is impossible to not acknowledge the benefits of crafting activities. Crafts make it easier for children to communicate their thoughts and feelings, they help create lateral thinking, and, finally yet importantly, improve fine motor skills. Have you been doing your best to nurture your child’s creative spirit? Maybe you have been too busy and you just did not have the time. The good news is that you can compensate for lost time. try the following craft projects.

1.     Stamped T-shirt

The summer is not going to go away any time soon, so you might as well take advantage of it. One way of fostering creativity in your child is to make stamped T-shirts together. Why go the store and buy expensive apparel when you can make your own? Transforming a plain t-shirt into an incredible one is not as hard as you may think. What do you have to do? Getting the right supplies is a good place to start. Besides a white T-shirt, you will need paint and a few bell peppers. Cut the bell peppers in half and you will have the perfect geometric shape. Let your pride and joy impress the pattern. Your son or daughter will have the time of their lives. Make sure to let the paint dry.

2.     Ribbon bag charm

Websites like are created to cater to the needs of ribbon lovers like yourself. If you have some ribbon lying around the home from previous purchases, put it to good use. You can teach your toddler how to make a bag charm. This accessory can be used by boys and girls alike, so you cannot go wrong. To make the cutest functional accessory, you need to cut ribbons to varying lengths. This operation is simple, meaning that your youngster can do it. The straight ends should be lined and glued together. Tell your kid to keep holding until the glue works its magic. If they do not know how to make a tassel, show them. The last thing to do is to assemble the charm. Take your time.

3.     Oatmeal cookies

Baking is an activity that brings parents and children together. More often than not, it is neglected. Parents have busy schedules, striving to make ends meet. Kids, for their part, are too preoccupied with games and social media. However, you can convince your toddler to step away from the screen every once in a while. Teach your youngster how to make oatmeal cookies. All you have to do is mix the ingredients, bake, and wait. It is well worth waiting for something this delicious. If you do not remember how to make oatmeal cookies, look up the recipe on the Internet.


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