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Owning a pool is fun and comfortable, especially in the summertime. You don`t need to leave your home in order to have few moments of relaxing and enjoy yourself. But it`s a well-known fact that behind the idea of fun and a great time, it`s not an easy thing to carefully preserve the condition of a pool. Here, you can find some basic ideas about pool maintenance that you must keep in mind.

Test your pool water

Firstly, buy yourself a pool water test kit. It`s important to keep the water healthy and the pool clean. In order to do this, you have to maintain a balanced chemical level of the water. You can easily find it on the internet along with guides that teach you how to use it. The kit tests your pool water’s chlorine, pH, bromine, and alkalinity.
Chlorine is a good and useful treatment for the water with properties that can destroy bacteria and sanitize the water. Bromine`s less efficient than chlorine when it comes to destroying microbes. It`s able to destroy a certain type of weaker bacteria and has a low smell than chlorine. Bromain, unfortunately, is unstabilized and under the sunlight, it is useless. A good level of water bromine is between 3 and 5 parts per million.
The pH level is unstable, it can be influenced by factors like rainwater or swimmers. A lower pH level means the water is acid and a high level means that it is basic. A good pH level can vary between 7.4 and 7.6.
Water alkalinity helps the water pH maintain in proper limits, eliminating any element that can influence the pH level. A good level of alkalinity is somewhere between 100 and 150 parts per million.

Shock your pool

This procedure means adding a large amount of chlorine to the pool water at once. Before you do this, take a look at your manufacturer`s instructions for specific information. You will need liquid chlorine, depending on the dimensions of your pool. Chlorine is heavier than water, and you should better use a long handle mop to mix the chlorine with water. After about 24 hours of filtration, and a full turnover, you must test again the pool water. By super chlorinating the water, you annihilate all the harmful organics in the pool.

Circulation system

The whole pool circulation system means skimmer, pumps, inlets, filters, and heating. All these elements must be in good shape in order to have a well-functioning pool.
It`s recommended to check these elements and make sure the system is working properly.
Maintaining the components in a good condition involves low costs than damaging the whole installation with replacing poor quality parts.
The pool filter is responsible for cleaning the debris from your pool, and it`s recommended to clean its basket at least once in a week. Clean the filter pipes too, by doing the backwashing of the filter, wait until no more trash comes up through them.

Keep the water clean

You may be interested in buying a robotic pool cleaner that can do all the cleaning and scrubbing of the surfaces in less than three hours. The suction cleaner, for example, has an easy installing system that does all the cleaning from a less to a big amount of trash. The junk is pushed through the main pool pump into the skimmer or pump basket, filling the filter with the debris. It`s recommended to supervise and empty the skimmer, the filter, and the pump basket in order to prevent damaging the pump. If you a have a big amount of debris, you should buy a leaf canister to reduce the filter cleaning. Firstly, clean up the pool and vacuum it to be sure that the pool filter and pump basket are empty, then turn down the return line fittings. Assemble the hose and submerge it, fill it with water in order to be sure that there is no air inside it. The water flow must have the right level to maintain the cleaner in a good shape. The Dolphin automatic pool cleaner is a good cleaning, easy to use gadget. It has an advanced cleaning technology that delivers a precise scanning for total cleaning. Uses a dual-level filtration system that removes rough debris and fine dust particles and triple active brushing that can eliminate algae and bacteria. The robot can scrub the walls and clean the waterlines due to its intelligent software that can deliver optimized coverage for all pool sizes and shapes.
You can`t always do all the pool cleaning by yourself because it takes time and attention. Make this processes a pleasant and easy by choosing one of the robotic cleaning pool gadgets that have easy maintenance and modern productive features.

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