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We live in times when people are very stressed out because of various reasons, but the most common one is represented by the lack of money. Day by day they try to find the best solutions to manage their budget in order to cover all the spending. But sometimes it can prove very difficult and they can feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of things that should be put in order, starting with sustenance and ending with taxes. But when it comes to the last part, there is a solution. UK is the place where you can find companies that can help you claiming you tax back. So, if you want to know more about this subject, we made you a list with some of the most important aspects regarding this fact. Or maybe, a good solution is making a search on the Internet using the words “claiming tax back”.

Tax refund for those who work in healthcare domain

When it comes to tax refund, there are some industries that offer people the possibility to claim back their money as a tax relief. For example, those who usually work in the domain of healthcare are the ones who can appeal to this procedure. But the biggest problem is that they don’t know about their rights and because of their busy program they don’t even try to find out more. So we hope that this article will help them understand how things really work.

So, if you live in UK and you work in the domain of healthcare, you can have an allowance per year if you do certain activities such as taking your uniform home and washing it because the job doesn’t provide you any facility to do that. And this allowance can vary from £60 to £140. For example, the ambulance staff can receive £140 per year, whereas pharmacists and their assistants can ask for £60 per year. If you are a nurse or you work as hospital porter you can receive £100 for laundering your uniform at home.

Moreover, if you have to wear some special shoes during your working program, this gives you the possibility to receive somewhere between £6 and £12 a year for the cost of these items. But this isn’t all. If you use your own car to go to visit your patients in their homes, you can ask for an allowance too. But make sure that you keep the records of mileage as a prof for this fact.

Facilities for those who work as teachers, police officers, cabin crews and in other similar areas

Have you thought that only healthcare workers can benefit from these advantages? Well, that isn’t true. If you work as a teacher, you can have some advantages too and receive a tax refund. If you have to wear uniform and you should wash it home, this will give you the opportunity to ask for an allowance. The same thing applies if you have to travel to different schools which are outside your normal location. The police officers have to wear uniform too and they can ask for £28 a year for maintaining these special clothes in perfect condition. For those working as cabin crews or as airline crews the allowances are more generous. They can go up to £700 a year, so we think that it’s worth trying.

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