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The wedding album is what you and your husband will be looking at over the years to remember your special day. It is what will help you remember that day and all the beautiful details that you so carefully prepared until that moment. This is why it should contain some pictures that have become somewhat classics in a photo album and will definitely bring a smile on your face every time you look at them, so make sure you ask the person offering you wedding photography Orlando services to include them in your album.


The dress and the groom getting ready

Having a picture of the dress is now a must for any bride. You will have countless pictures of you in the dress, but when you have a photo with it separately, it will remember of the moment when you first saw it, as the gorgeous work of art that it actually is. On the other hand, you will want photos of both sides, so you should not forget to include pictures of the groom getting ready as well.

Bride details

The hairstyle, the earrings, the shoes, the lace detail on the dress, everything should have a place in your album. Your photographer should not forget to include these details, as they will remind you of how beautiful you looked on your special day. The small details will make the difference in how you look and it would be a shame if they went to waste and you did not have at least one picture of them over the years.


The bridal bouquet

This is one of those photos that will help create the story of your wedding and create memories that will last you a lifetime.


The bridal portrait

This is your chance to feel like a model and get the photos you have always dreamed of. Just before you leave to church ask your photographer to take some portrait pictures of yourself. It is the perfect time to get these photos because your makeup is fresh, you are well rested and you have an excited look on your face.


The bridesmaids

Whether you have three, five or more bridesmaids, this picture is essential for a complete album. It will help you remember your wedding day better and have the perfect set of memories from that day.


The artistic poses

You can have those photos that you only see in magazines and you should take advantage of your scenery and include these pictures in your wedding album. Your wedding day will look like a fairytale and everyone will appreciate them.


These are just some of the classic photos that should not miss from your album. Of course, the examples can continue and you can include as many photos as you feel are completely representative of you as a couple and of your wedding. The key thing is to discuss with your photographer, share with him your ideas and how you want your album to look. This is the only way in which you can be sure everything will be exactly as you wanted.


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