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House cleaning is definitely one of the most concerning tasks for owners. If you live in an apartment, then things are rather simple, given the fact that you do not need to tidy large surfaces. However, owning a mansion changes things a bit. You have plenty of space you need to take care of, not to mention the spots which are not easily accessible. For this reason, you will have to invest in some professional solutions, tools and pieces of equipment, to help you do a flawless job. Cleaning has to be both efficient and safe, so instead of using ladders to reach the ceilings or windows, you should start using water fed pole equipment. These instruments are extremely popular lately, as they are very efficient, affordable and offer many benefits to those who use them. Also handy when it comes to industrial cleaning, the tool is the best thing you can have in your arsenal. Read on to find out the main reasons why this is true:

How does a water fed pole work?

To begin with, you must know that the main solution used for cleaning is purified water. If you use a traditional mop or tap, you have probably noticed that these get easily full of dirt, sediments and other impurities. This is why after you wash windows, for instance, and they get dry, visible marks remain on the surface, no matter how much you try to eliminate them. That is why water fed pole systems use exclusively purified water that can be changed anytime you wish. Before reaching the cleaned surface, the liquid goes through a series of resins and filters, which retain dirt and other agents that may have a negative effect.


How can you reach faraway areas?

If you are looking for a water fed pole for ceilings, large windows or attic, then rest assured some of these are using a telescopic system. The long handle and the cleaning brush at its end enable you to have access and thoroughly wash even the highest parts of your home. Some of the most performing pieces of equipment can reach heights of up to 70-feet, being the perfect choice not only for residence but also for much larger spaces. The water is conducted through the pipe, then it gets to the brush, gathers dirt and then rinses it away. The process is then repeated with new, clean water, and this way no trace is left of the surface.


Which are the benefits of this system?

It is true that traditional methods are still working, but these are the right choice for remote operations and places easy to access. However, water fed poles, this modern piece of equipment that has revolutionised the cleaning industry, have many benefits. Among these, the most notable are safety and eco friendliness, versatility, ease of use and affordability. You will pay a minimum amount for a tool that will ease your life considerably.

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