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Use washer whiffs for your laundry

September - 19 - 2017


Even though parents have switched roles, in the sense that the mother brings home the bacon and the father takes paternity leave, the woman is still the one that has to handle the laundry. While men agree happily to some household chores, they aren’t so willing to do the laundry.  If you are stuck doing laundry for a big family, you are probably appalled by the nasty odour that comes out of the fibres. The kids are always playing football after school and your hero doesn’t smell very nice. Your washing machine doesn’t need cleaning, but the clothes certainly do. Your family deserves clean, scented clothes. So what do you do? The answer is simple: you use washer whiffs.

Why use washer whiffs for your laundry

Even though this practice may seem completely new to you, you should know that many women use washer whiffs when doing the laundry. Chances are that you’re curious to know why. Well, washer whiffs are perfumy and they enhance the smell of everything from socks to big clothes. Your family’s apparel won’t smell good, but great. Doing the laundry won’t become your favourite thing to do, but at least it will be a little bit less unpleasant. You will take pleasure in taking the clothes out of the washing machine. When it comes to making clothes smell better, you should always opt for something like washer whiffs. Commercial products only damage the apparel.

What are washer whiffs

You are probably curious to know what exactly are washer whiffs. Washer whiffs are basically salt crystals that are added to the washing machine. They are scented and at the same time bio-degradable. Women from all over Australia make use of these so-called washer whiffs in order to make laundry smell great. It is important to stress that only Scentsy Australia commercialized such products. They are available in the following scents and more:

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • French lavender
  • White tea and cactus
  • Coconut lemongrass

How to use washer whiffs use for your laundry

You have never used washer whiffs before in your life, so it is only normal to be oblivious when it comes to using them. What you need to know is that all you have to do is add a few salt crystals in the washing machine drum and turn on the machine. Basically, you scatter the washer whiffs over the clothes. If you are doing one load, you will find that a single scoop is enough. Washer whiffs work best when they are used with liquid detergent. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the products should not be combined with the liquid detergent, or with bleacher.

Ingenious ways you can use washer whiffs

Did you really think that washer whiffs can only be used for clothes? Washer whiffs can very well be used to make your home smell good too. You can through in a scoop in the mop bucket and clean the floors. The scent last log after the wash, so yes, you should think about using wash whiffs. Also, put your brain to the cast, can you find new uses for them?

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