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Have you decided to spend your holiday in Croatia? There is no other more amazing family destination than this, because the country is so rich in history, and you will be marveled by the beauty of the place, at every step you take. From all the cities you can choose to visit in Croatia, the one that will definitely take your breath away is Trogir. It is an old town, rich in culture and history, and the ones who have visited it state that it is the type of city museum. UNESCO has placed the entire city in the world’s heritage list, so this is the best chance you have to admire one of the most appreciated cities of the world. And if you want to enjoy a comfortable holiday, together with your family, then you should rent one of the Trogir villas with pool, because they will offer you the privacy and safety you need. Here is a list with the tourist attractions you should not put on your must-see list.

Trogir Cathedral

Trogir Cthedral is also names the Cathedral of St, Lawrence, and people consider it one of the finest achievements in Croatian architecture. The construction of the building started in 1193 and it was finished around 1500. It was built on the site of a church, the Saracens have destroyed. The Romanesque door is one of its most noble features. Master Radovan carved it in 1240, and two stone lions flank it. You will not see something similar in Europe. You have the possibility to climb the 47-meter tall tower, if you want to take a view of the place.  

Cipiko Palace

Close to the Trogir Cathedral, you will find the Cipiko Palace, located in the Town Square. In the past, it was the house of the Cipiko family, created by the well-known architects Alesi and Firentinac. You should not skip this splendid palace from your list. The wealth of the family allowed them to join their two palaces, and create one of the most amazing architecture works from Croatia. If you want to have access to all the touristic attractions easier, you should check MyDalmatia to see what options you have when it comes to accommodation facilities close to the Town Square.

Kamerlengo Castle and St. Mark’s Tower

If you want to see one of the most impressive castles from Europe, then you should put on your list the Kamerlengo Castle, which was built back in the 15th century. The Venetians constructed it, and it was used as the governor’s palace for a time. It features high walls that connect the three towers and commanding views over the sea. During the summer months, it is a wonderful venue for different events. There you will also find the St. Mark’s Tower, which was built once the castle had a circular shape. In the past was used as a support artillery, and it had the role to defend the channel between the mainland and the island. It is a great place to visit together with your family, because of the waterfront settings and broad grounds. Trogir has plenty tourist attractions to offer, you only have to make sure that you do not skip one of them from your list.

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