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It is a great honor if one of your friends asks you to be his best man on his wedding day. But you might be terrified by the idea that you will have to give a speech. Even if you are a talented public speaker, you might be nervous about this event, because you will be the center of attention. And writing a best man’s speech is complicated, because you do not only have to pay a tribute to the couple, but you also have to make the crowd laugh. Moreover, if you have been to some weddings, you know that in many cases this speech can devolve into a drunken and awkward spectacle. You do not want this happen to you. You have to do your best to write a complex speech that describes your connection to the groom. Also, you have to make guests laugh, because this is the only way to avoid cringe-inducing comments. If you are looking for a source of inspiration, you should include in your speech the best funny quotes about marriage, because they will help you stay away from telling embarrassing stories about the groom, in the most important day of his life.

You should not give a speech that does not reflect you

There are some conventions you have to stick to when writing this speech, but this is not a formal speech, so you can personalize it. You should include in your speech some humorous parts, but if you do not usually make jokes, you should skip this part, because it will look forced. Also, if you are known for your sarcasm and humor, you should not try to be sentimental, because you do not want people to think you are faking it.

The speech should be short

It does not mean that you only have to say cheers and get back on your chair. A best man’s speech should not last longer than 4 minutes, but it should not be shorter than 2. The majority of people do not have patience to listen a speech longer than 5 minutes, so when you write it, make sure you set your chronometer. Also, you should talk with the groom and bride and ask them if they have any preferences on what the content of the speech should be. It is their wedding day, and you have to be sure that they are happy with what you choose.

Get some inspiration

A great way to end your speech is to say a few quotes on marriage. In case you do not make jokes, this is the best solution you have. There are many online pages where you can find some amazing ideas, so do your research. You cannot go wrong when you include in your speech a few marriage quotes. You should make sure that the quotes you choose are funny, and you should ask a few persons share their opinion on the ones you select, because you might be subjective on the matter.

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