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One of the biggest issue homeowners around the world are periodically meeting is clogged drainage. However, this recurring issue is a preventable one, when the owner knows how to properly treat their goods. Although specialists oftentimes consider those issues not worth discussing, there are a couple of tips they could give to us mortals in order to have a happy drainage. However, there always exists the prospect of hiring professional blocked drain clearance in London services, if you need them. But let’s see what are the most simple solutions to prevent these issues from appearing.

1. Install mesh drain screens

The most simple and affordable way of preventing a clogged drain is to install mesh drain screens. Install them on around your house and they will prevent dirt and other things to get into your drainage. No dirt, no issues, simple as that. They are easy to install and inexpensive as well!

2. Do a weekly maintenance session

Once a week, do a little maintenance on your drainage. Clean the pop-ups incorporated, make sure you apply some dirt dissolving substances. Try the baking soda and vinegar combo. It works wonders. Non-toxic substances are always the best and they are eco-friendly as well!

3. Wash your pets outside, when possible

If it’s not too chilly, you could try to wash your pets outdoors. This will prevent all the dirt and fur to get stuck in the drainage, which in many cases is the main cause of clogged drainages. Fine pet hair is your drainage’s worst enemy. If you quit washing them indoors, you will get rid of it.

4. Massive locks are the enemy of your drainage. Be mindful when brushing them

If you have a generous hair, it might be a good idea to get into the habit if brushing your hair before taking a bath or a shower.  This way, you will get rid of the dead hairs that usually fall and clog your drainage.

5. Always work with professionals

Ok, you might have tried all our suggestions above and you still are facing clogged drain issues, it might be best if you would call professional to fix those. Search for a company with experience in the field, and make sure they have all the necessary pieces of equipment of dealing with them. Experience and proper equipment are worth a lot when facing drainage issues.

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