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Many people are concerned with eating right not only to lose a few pounds, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The common belief is that you should get all your nutrients exclusively from food. For this reason, most people strictly follow the diet pyramid that indicates which is the optimal number of servings from each of the food groups. Consequently, they stay away from dietary supplements. While it is widely believed that they are unnecessary because they are advertised all day in the media, the truth is that the human body needs extra nutrients. If you are on a diet, then you should consider comparing the prices at Find min pris. However, anyone can benefit from the use of dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements explained

The role of dietary supplements is to improve the health by providing the necessary nutrients that the body lacks such as minerals, vitamins, fiber, amino acids and fatty acids as well. Vitamins are seen as vital nutrients for the functioning of the body and vitamin deficiency usually leads to multiple medical conditions. Through the diet, it is not possible for children to attain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for boosting the immune system and for making bones stronger. In addition, many people need fats that contribute to the functioning of the brain and increasing cardiovascular health. People who exercise regularly should take omega 3 supplements combat low cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as proteins that help build muscles and recover faster from  exercise.

Why should you take them?

While many people make considerable efforts to keep a healthy diet, they often lacks essential nutrients that are valuable for the functioning of the body. In order to get these vital nutrients it is necessary to consume a variety of foods considered healthy such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fatty fish. However, it has been proven that legumes and conventional dairy are actually nutrient deficient and the body is not able to absorb even these small quantities of nutrients. Legumes actually interfere in the absorption of nutrients. Improper farming also causes the soil to lose nutrients and consequently plants have fewer nutrients. Moreover, low calorie diets actually lower the intake of nutrients and you are required to compensate for the amounts of nutrition. Other categories of people such as vegetarians and pregnant women should consider dietary supplements to get their daily intake of nutrients.

Be careful what supplements you take

Supplements really mean something that is added to your diet, reason why you should not ingest just about anything. While they are recognized to have many health benefits, it is important to keep in mind that supplements do not treat serious health issues, but rather increase the body’s resistance. Another fact worth considering is that supplements should not be taken in large quantities because they can become toxic. In addition, advertising can mislead you and this is why you should first consult with your physician before taking supplements. This is particularly important if you are getting them for your children because most dietary supplements escape current health regulations and can thus be a risk rather than a lifesaver.

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