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If you are one of those people who cannot wait for Christmas to come because they want to show off their amazing decorations, then you have one more reason for doing so: early decorations make people happier! Experts have recently confirmed that putting your seasonal ornaments up early has a positive effect on your health, mood and wellbeing. According to a recent study, it seems that this activity, especially when done together with the whole family, could make you happier. Do you still have doubts about it? Read on to discover the scientific proof that Christmas adornments should not wait until after Thanksgiving, for your own sake!

Decorating relieves stress

In nowadays world, dominated by anxiety and stress, engaging in fun family activities that make everyone happy seems to be the perfect cure! And since Christmas decorations evoke feelings associated with joy and childhood, psychoanalysts recommend you start embellishing your home as early as possible this year. The tree, presents and lights are just an anchor to old magical memories and will immediately awaken excitement and warm emotions inside you. So wait no more: get yourself new tinsel UK, buy new globes for the Christmas tree and light up the entire house, as soon as possible!

It also fosters relationships

If you are in the mood for decorating, the best thing to do is call some of your family and friends to help you. It has been proven that sharing the joy of this activity will streamline relationships, making you build a stronger connection with other people. It could help make friends, get closer to your relatives, not to mention it will show strangers that you are a nice person, open to socialising. Apparently, it has also been scientifically proven that people perceive those who like Christmas as more friendly and cohesive. This means that putting up the garland and red bows is the perfect solution if you want to spend some quality time with others.

Stir up positive nostalgia

Amy Morin, a famous psychotherapist, claims that nostalgia triggered by holidays is definitely a positive feeling that you can explore and build upon. The sensation helps you connect to your personal past and understand your identity, behaviour and attachment to certain things. Reconnecting with childhood is always a reminder of happier times, and this is likely to improve your mood considerably. Early decorating can only prolong the nice sensation of warmth and wellbeing, so do not be ashamed to surround yourself with seasonal ornaments as soon as the weather gets chilly.

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