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Adolescence is one of the most unpredictable period of both children’s and parent’s lives. When the timing is right, you should give some advice to your kid regarding the style he wants to adopt. It is well known that teenagers often go through several phases during their youth, so try being close to them at hard times. Here are some types of clothing styles you might encounter:

Punk phase

The most frequent style adolescents are going through is the punk phase. When all do you want to express in being a distinctively tough person, whose emotions cannot be altered, all you need to do is dress as unconventional as you can. You don’t need to get scared if you see a lot of accessories as you can see here, because there’s nothing bad in adding a bit of non-conformism to your agenda. If your kid is wearing black coloured jeans, bullet belts and lots of studs, leather, chains and more than one belt you can consider your kid as a fan of the punk look. It is not an aggressive style and you should try offering your teen the opportunity to choose between different types of accessories.

Gothic phase

If you adventure yourself further into the theory of clothing styles, you will find out there is a slight difference between punk and gothic. Punk is a bit more casual than gothic is, in terms of colour (or non-colour) combinations, but you can see a resemblance mostly in accessorizing. Don’t be surprised if you notice a skull men’s chain along with a dark pair of sunglasses.

Classy phase

If your kid is in love with reading, studying or business in general you might see this feature reflected in his wardrobe. Sophistication is the key word when we’re talking about this style, where elegant meets luxurious. If your teen wears neuter colours, white shirts, trench coats or blazers and suits you know where his attention is going. Try encouraging his passion, give advice and make as many compliments as you can.

Bohemian phase

This phase is usually specific for free spirits who identify with nature. Artistic minds like to combine their clothes in the most individualistic way possible. You will recognize this style by the very diverse patterns that are being used (mostly floral) and the bright colour palette worn. The Bohemian phase says a lot about your teen and you should point them towards the manifold direction of arts.

Vintage phase

If your kid tends to be keen on historical facts, stories or movies and likes to borrow your own clothes from time to time, he might be an old soul, loving classical choices. You can help by introducing them to timeless fashion icons everyone knows. Specify what the highlight of each period of time is and see if they find 70’s fashion more interesting than 90’s and so on. There are plenty of examples you can give to your child regarding this phase of his and also, thrift shops are a plus when it comes to old style clothing.  



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