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Taking your family to Cozumel

October - 24 - 2015

If you are planning to take your family to an amazing trip in the Caribbeans, but you are thinking about a destination less crowded than Cancun, then Cozumel is the best option. This island is part of the famous archipelago and represents an irresistible mix of Caribbean and Mexican culture. Your family will adore this place for multiple reasons, among which the beautiful beaches, incredible natural landscapes and numerous activities. Nobody will get bored, because the resort has so many things to offer, for any tourist. Whether you want to participate in ship cruises, adventurous journeys in the unspoiled surroundings or historical forays, you will find all these during a Cozumel island tour.

Find accommodation in San Miguel

If it is the first time when you visit Cozumel, then you should look accommodation in San Miguel, the only actual city on the island. It has multiple hotels and guesthouses, so you will definitely find something affordable, where you and your family will feel comfortable. Besides the great accommodation options, the city also has plenty of restaurants, boutiques and traditional stores, where you can look the most beautiful Mayan handicrafts. The peace of this resort will help you forget about the hassle and spend an amazing time.


Dive and swim in the incredible waters

If you are more like the adventurous type, then you will enjoy a lot the holiday in Cozumel. The island is well known for its clear turquoise waters, which are the home of multiple aquatic species, both plants and animals. These beauties have transformed Cozumel into a top destination for those passionate about aquatic paradise. Crystal clear waters, ancient ship wrecks, breathtaking coral reefs and exotic fishes – this is what awaits you if you dare to dive into the surrounding seas. What is even more interesting about the island is that it is prepared to receive divers from all around the world during the whole year, since the climatic conditions allows it. However, experts say that summer is the best time when you can enjoy the underwater paradise, June, July and August being the peak moths. Interestingly enough, during this period the hotel rates are at their lowest, so you can actually have your dream holiday.


Enjoy the unique culture of the city

Since it is neighboring Riviera Maya, Cozumel has part of the mystery of the ancient Mayan civilization. The locals take a lot of pride in their past, and if you are interested in the local culture, you will find guidance at any step. Besides the shops selling Mayan traditional objects, you can also visit the Museum of Cozumel Island, situated in an establishment that used to be a hotel. In case you want to experience some traditional Mexican food and discover the island’s history (its origins, the first inhabitants, unique species of plants and animals etc), this museum is the perfect place to be. It consists in amazing exhibitions that will definitely offer you a glimpse of the genuine Mayan and Caribbean history.

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