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Children that are involved in practical, DIY activities seem to be more imaginative later in life, have a better relationship with their parents, and higher IQs. Thus, involving them in such activities even at a young age seems to be quite an appropriate approach parents should have on their development. WE have some simple DIY ideas, all involving ribbons, for such fun projects to do with your children. Make sure you pick a trusty ribbon manufacturer and retailer, like The Ribbon Room, since they have affordable, yet beautiful products.

Five minute ribbon wand

You will need some thick juice straws, some ribbons in a generous length, as well as colourful and diverse patterns and designs. Tie your ribbons together, and by using a hot glue gun secure them at the top of your thick straws. Try to insert them inside the straw an inch and then add a little extra hot glue for securing them well. While your children cannot help you with handling the hot glue gun, for safety concerns, they can help you tie the ribbons together.

Create hair accessories with your daughter

A great issue mothers across the world have with their daughters is convincing them to tie their hair so it stays out of their eyes. To create simple, yet amazing hair accessories you will need several hair ties, hairclips, some pieces of ribbon and your trusty hot glue gun. From your ribbons, ask your daughter to create delicate, fun bows or flowers. After they accomplish their super important task, secure them on various hairclips and hair ties. Let them dry and style your daughter’s hair in a great hairstyle.

Ribbon flip-flops

Since the hot season is near, we think that accessorising your children’s flip-flops or sandals with ribbons is a great idea to update old shoe wear. Ask them to tie diverse bows and other elements from ribbons and you will be securing them on their summer foot wear. Such a simple idea, yet such a handy one, since the general store flip-flops are oftentimes boring and predictable. And fear not, you can find a design appropriate for your baby boy as well. They will love the process itself so much; they will be begging to wear their own creations.

These are three simple ideas of DIY projects in which you can involve your children as well. They will love the activities themselves so much!

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