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Organising a special event, such as a wedding or a birthday party, is not an easy thing to do. First of all, it takes time and a lot of resources: party materials, a well organised budget for buying them and, the most important of all, creativity. Creativity means finding those elements that can transform a usual party into something special. And, usually, the small details are the most important. This is the reason why people invented the personalised mini love hearts. They are actually the best way of giving colour to an event and, according to experts, they are appreciated especially by children.

Personalised mini love hearts – what to know before buying them

There are various types of personalised mini love hearts. The majority of them are made of small pieces of paper which can have different colours. But there are, however, some trends regarding these things. For example, if we talk about a wedding, the favourite colours are red and white. Red is usually associated with the idea of love and passion and this is the reason why people usually decide to buy them. White makes people thing about purity and this colours also fits with the bride’s dress. But there are persons who decide to opt for other shades.

Moreover, when it comes to a wedding, very fashionable lately are the mini love hearts that contain lyrics from the couple’s love song and they are considered a very romantic gesture. Of course, there are couples who prefer to have written on their personalised mini love hearts the wedding vows.

Personalised mini love hearts are the children’s favourite

Children love these decorations, especially for their birthday parties and they prefer them as colourful as possible. A good way of personalising them is writing the name of your child on the small pieces of papers. But the parents should be careful! Despite of being cute, these mini hearts are very difficult to clean from the floor. But if you use a vacuum cleaner or a good quality broom, this problem is almost solved.

Who is responsible of throwing the personalised mini love hearts?

It is a very important aspect which should be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to a wedding party. Usually the bride maids or the flower girls are the ones who take care of the mini love hearts, but if there are persons who would like to do this job, they only have to talk with the wedding planner or with another person who is in charge with this thing.

And if you ask yourself if these accessories are a real necessity the answer is yes. There are a lot of articles from wedding magazines that highly recommend appealing to these accessories. But there are also places in this world where people prefer choosing rice grains or flowers instead of mini love hearts. It is a more ecological method, but the personalised mini love hearts have a better effect. They also look good on pictures and they may be a beautiful memory which will be kept forever.

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