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Persistent Sore Throat

September - 5 - 2013

Do not ignore persistent sore throat even though we are colds and flu season. This discomfort may signal including a cancer of the mouth or throat.

Thus, an ENT examination accompanied by secretion analysis can save lives.

ENT consultation can identify lesions including cancer. Often, this is manifested by trivial symptoms similar to seasonal disease data. An example is sore throat caused by inflammation of one tonsil.

Also, any lesion on the tongue, gums and inside cheeks that will not heal may indicate a malignant disease. And unilateral otitis that is not finding a solution in time should be carefully monitored.

Even a persistent hoarseness should be evaluated carefully!

Physicians frequently diagnosed cancers that do not look only in advanced stages.

Smoking, alcohol, stress, hot or very cold drinks, spices and excess reflux increases the risk of cancer in ENT. This is because the natural defenses of mucosal damage, a phenomenon that allows malignant transformation in a short time.

If a sore throat lasts more than a few days, the discomfort becomes more than annoying and quite often dangerous. Untreated, it can lead to serious problems.

The persistent sore throat can have a lot of second effects. One of it is hoarseness. Major source of concern for a prolonged hoarseness is laryngeal cancer, but the possibility, which is curable but if the patient is the doctor in the early stages of disease. Laryngeal cancer as the main risk factor is smoking. Thus, 90% -95% of patients are smokers, and smokers have a risk up to 35 times more likely to get sick. The disease is manifested by persistent hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, persistent sore throat or ear, feeling of “something in the throat”, respiratory distress, blood stained sputum, plus general signs (weight loss, anorexia, fatigue, pallor).

Symptoms of laryngeal cancer may include: persistent cough, hoarseness, persistent sore throat, a lump in the throat or neck abnormalities, difficulty or pain on swallowing, frequent choking on food or noisy breathing, persistent ear pain or fullness ear or unusual sensation in and around the skin of the ear, unplanned significant weight loss persistent bad breath.

Therefore, if a prolonged hoarseness (over three to four weeks), it is important that the patient go to the ENT specialist, who will make a diagnosis based on laryngoscopy.

In order to be fine and not have complications a persistent sore throat should not be ignored because beyond it may be serious causes.

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