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Party Games Ideas for Kids

May - 20 - 2011

Now you don’t have to worry about how to keep the kids occupied during children birthday parties. Below you can find some easy and funny games for them. The following are a few fun games to play in the house, but just as well outdoors, in the backyard.

  • The Mummy

Split the kids into teams of 4 or 5 and provide each team with a toilet roll. A kid from each team plays the mummy and he has to stand still with his arms against his sides. His team mates have to wrap him with the toilet roll until he looks like a mummy. The winning team is the one that finishes the mummy first. Children under 10 will surely enjoy this game.

  • Decorating Cup Cakes

Make sure you cook some cup cakes (fairy cakes) before the party. Prepare some bowls of different colored icing. For doing this, mix icing, sugar, water and food coloring. Provide some bowls with various sprinkles and sweets. Give the children the liberty to spread icing on top and add toppings to their own cup cakes. Instead of cup cakes, you can use round and flat cookies and suggest kids to decorate them in order to look like faces.

  • Pass the Balloon

To add some fun and competition, this kids game is perfect. Divide children into 2 or more teams. Place teams of about 5 kids in a line. The rule is simple: they have to pass a balloon from the front to the back without using their hands. If they drop the balloon, they must start all over. The team that passes the balloon along and back first wins the contest. You can also replace the balloon with an orange or an apple.

  • Pass the Parcel

This is a cute kids game. Wrap a present in the middle of the parcel and add multiple layers of wrapping. In each layer place a sweet or a forfeit that the kid who opens it must do. The forfeit should be something funny and easy such as “jump 4 times” or “show us your silliest face possible”. Make sure you add enough layers of wrapping so that each kid to open at least one. The game must start with music. Stop the music from time to time so that the kid who has the parcel in that moment opens the layer. Continue the game till the final layer is out and the prize is revealed. You could invent a similar game by hiding clues and prizes throughout the garden, and giving the children safe garden tools equipment to help them dig out the clues. Small gardening shovels out of the garden tools equipment set should be safe enough for the children to use, and the game will keep them entertained and occupied for hours on end, just like a hunt for Easter eggs.

  • Reverse Talking

For this kids game you have to utilize the Sound Recorder (select Start – Accessories – Entertainment – Sound Recorder). Use it to record the children in their attempt of talking backwards. Write down a simple phrase and challenge the children to say it backward. Record each child with his version of the backwards talking. After all children have finished, play them all the recordings. Hearing their voices spelling a weird sentence will make them laugh a lot. These fun games to play in the house will make for a great party for your children, and they will certainly be entertained for hours on end.

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