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It’s true that the garage is the best place to store old things that are either broken, but you don’t have the heart to throw away or you simply stopped using them. Indeed this is the general perception of this space, but this does not mean that when you open the doors, you should see a pile of things, deposited there it without any order or structure in mind. On the other hand, most people fear that if they decided to go for metal garage shelving systems their space would look like a factory or home depot store. It’s very true that metal shelves have that cold design that is far from being welcoming or familiar. Still, with a few tricks and tips, you could turn your garage in that ideal storage space, functional and practical, with a highly stylish and sleek look to it. Here are a few solutions you could make use of to quickly change the aspect of your garage, without spending enormous sums of money.

Metal shelving: elegant and practical

You could say plenty about metal. You could say that it cold or that it is too industrial for your taste, but the bottom line is that it is highly practical. Metal shelving systems can carry heavy loads, so you really don’t have to worry about broken shelves. At the same time, metal is highly resistant to all conditions, including humid environments, so you could use the storage unit for a very long time. As for elegance, think about painting the system. Being all metal, it won’t be very difficult to get a strong effect. While some owners choose light colours, you could be bold and choose black. An all black metal shelving system certainly is an elegant, sleek piece you would be proud o have in your garage.


Cabinets for great style

Cabinets are a great storage idea. This solution offers you space and aspect at the same time. These are usually suspended, allowing you to better manage your space and make the best of it. Also, you could hide anything behind those closed doors. When having open shelves you should always concern yourself with order, making sure that all things are perfectly set in place. With cabinets, even if you have a busy day and you no longer have time to tidy up your things in the garage, no one will be tell, as once you closed those doors everything looks impeccable. As for style, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because this solution already comes in various colours. All you have to do is choose the one you like the most.


The Back-up plan

It is true that the dedicated market is rich in alternatives, when it comes to storage solutions. However, when judging this field solely based on style, you might notice that there are not that many different options. So, if you have decided to go for the wood or shelving system and you are in no mood to paint, there is another plan you could make use. You could turn your garage into a real organised archive looking space. Place adequately labelled boxes, of the same colour and the entire storage unit will instantly change its appearance.


Having a sleek garage is really not that difficult of a mission. All you have to think of what you would like to see when opening the garage door and try to put it into practice.

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