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Because your wedding is the most special day of your life, you probably desire for every single detail to turn out perfect. It can be rather difficult to decide between a more traditional venue and a marquee wedding reception. However, marquee weddings have become extremely popular lately, especially among celebrities. There are many marquee linings manufacturers on the market that can put at your disposal the necessary equipment and supplies. But is a marquee wedding really suitable for you? Here are a few reasons a marquee is such an amazing venue for your big day:

Venue customized to your needs

You have the possibility of hiring a marquee to suit the number of guests attending and to have the design of your taste. You can customize the area according to your personal needs and choose your own wedding theme. Why stick to the theme of a restaurant, when you can design your reception exactly the way you have always dreamed. From a modern to a classic or vintage style, you have the opportunity to choose the style, colours and designs you like. Use your creativity and consider the marquee as your blank canvas.

Offer your guests a view

With a marquee wedding, you will be bringing the outside in. You can choose a tent with clear windows, if the surroundings offer a beautiful view. While still being secured by possible weather changes, such as rain or wind, your guests will enjoy a lovely scenery. Give your wedding a bohemian and romantic vibe, and offer your guests a fabulous view.

Choose your own caterer

Another reason to consider this type of venue is the possibility of choosing your own caterer. If you have a specific menu you would like to serve, but most restaurant do not offer flexible solutions, then why not go with a marquee wedding reception? This way you can select your own caterer, and you can choose exactly what you want to eat. It will be an easy job to find a caterer, who can prepare food for all tastes.

Decide your finish time

One reason why so many people choose a marque wedding is that most restaurant have a particular finish time you need to stick to. If you want the party to go on throughout the entire day and night, then a marquee reception is certainly the best option for you. Now you have the chance to decide your own finish time, and to allow your guests to enjoy themselves for as long as they desire.

Keeping these details in mind, you can clearly see that a marquee wedding is certainly a great alternative to your traditional restaurant. If you desire to have a sophisticated and elegant wedding reception, then this is one of the best options you have. All you need to do is look for a reputable marquee hire company that can put at your disposal the top quality equipment you require. Search online for a marquee manufacturer, think about the style and size you would need, and choose one to suit your desires.

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