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Mandy Walters is a well-known North London psychotherapist that has been working in her field for some time now, gaining sufficient experience and expertise to properly and professionally support individuals through any issues they might be dealing with. More and more often these days, you hear of people that are taking part in counselling sessions or seeing a psychotherapist to solve various struggles and challenges. Some say that counselling was crucial in getting the help they needed to cope with difficult moments in their life, and so it is so important that each individual chooses a therapist they feel they have a connection with and work well with. By choosing to work with Mandy Walters, you are getting a professional and experienced therapist who is able to provide you with the help that you may need..

Mandy Walters is an integrative psychotherapist, who is prepared to help those in need of counselling. Having the correct expertise, this psychotherapist aims to listen and provide what her clients need of in terms of treatment, and to help support them through challenging times and facilitate change. To provide you with further details regarding the education Mandy Walters has gained, know that this psychotherapist has graduated from the Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University with a diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology. This intensive training means Mandy Walters provides a high level service of  North London counselling s. Because the number of therapy North London seekers is a rather high one, you can easily imagine that the number of specialists offering such services is large as well. Mandy Walters can be of a great help, qualifying as an adequate, appropriate choice for a variety of problems. This experienced psychotherapist aims to respond to the individual needs of each one of her clients, closely listening to problems, understanding them and finally, offering the treatment method that is most suited to their needs. Indeed, this psychotherapist can offer you counselling on a wide variety of issues. To convince you of this fact, here are a few problems that Mandy Walters has experience working with: low self esteem, abuse, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, loss of direction or meaning, work issues, bereavement and so on.


Mandy Walters has been operating on this field for the last 8 years, striving to build a positive reputation. In the therapy North West London field, Mandy Walters is an honest, trustworthy professional who works with the best interests of each client. Of course, the growing number of individuals who seek the help of this counsellor can only prove the fact that Mandy Walters is a dedicated specialist. The benefits of psychotherapy can greatly enhance an individual’s life, but Mandy Walters openly tells her clients that coming to therapy can be a long and, at times painful, experience, but it can also be a highly beneficial relationship. Allow yourself the needed time and collaborate with a highly professional psychotherapist like Mandy Walters.


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