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With the winter holiday coming, everybody has a lot of planning to do. If you are a Christmas person, then you probably have a lot of planning and shopping to do. Buying the right gifts and organizing a perfect Christmas dinner is not that easy. If you want to impress your friends, you have to come up with some new and original ideas for your decorations and Christmas dinner. If you need inspiration, e few tips will probably help you.

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is probably the most important element of all Christmas decorations. Beyond choosing the perfect-sized tree for your living room, you should think about making it steal the attention of everyone. The way you decorate your Christmas tree shows how intense your Christmas spirit really is. You should start out by purchasing Christmas ribbons; you can find so many of them online, with different patterns to choose from. The placement of the ribbons should be done first, before the other decorations, you can put just the Christmas lights. You should have ribbons of different textures, and of different widths too. You can let the ribbons fall naturally from the top of the tree to create a flowing effect, or tie together three or four different ribbons to create a buddle. You can now place them in the Christmas tree and you have created a beautiful ornament. Place on the tree as many ribbons as you want, until you create the effect you wanted. After that you can proceed with the other ornaments. If you are planning to buy new ornaments, because you do not like the old ones anymore, you should go after some that are in a neutral tone. They will always stay trendy and go with anything in the room, and if the next year you want the tree to look more colourful you can just color it up with the help of ribbons.

The Christmas dinner

When it comes to Christmas, the Christmas dinner is a special and memorable event. You get to have all your family together in the same place, all your closest friends are there, and it is a night you probably look forward to the entire year. If you want everything to be perfect, you need to think everything through. Start by planning what kind of food you will serve. Keep in mind that it needs to be something everybody will enjoy. You can make snowman cookies; everybody loves those. Beyond the actual food, how the table will look is pretty important too. You can come up with some fun and original ideas to decorate the table. For example you can buy some personalized ribbons, with the name of each guest, and place them around the chair they will sit on. It will be more unique than just placing name tags on the table. You can choose the same colour that is predominant in your Christmas tree and create a beautiful harmony between the two. It will connect the entire room together. Use your best plates and glasses and set them on the table by the book. You can improvise other decorations that you think will go.

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